Cleanroom & Laboratory Accessories Products

Our dispensers, storages, and holders organize your laboratory and cleanroom gloves, hats, booties, garments and other apparel. Ideal to hold pipettes, , glove boxes, safety glasses, wipers and many other laboratory and cleanroom accessories. Bench and wall-mount models conserve valuable lab and cleanroom space. Models are available in Polypropylene, PVC, White, Amber and Clear Acrylic.

Accessories Product list

Select the product from the following list for more detail and pricing:
Wall-Mount Glove BOX Holder
Bench-top Glove Dispenser
Cleanroom Hat Dispenser
Swab Holder
Cleanroom Bootie Dispenser
Cleanroom  Organizer
Wiper Dispenser
Enclosed Wiper Dispenser
Safety Glasses Holder
Lab Dispensers
Necessity of Cleanroom Dispensers

Cleanroom dispensers and organizers add safety. Having quick and easy access to pipettes, well plates, glove boxes, eye safety glasses, cleanroom wipers, notebooks, hairnets, facemasks, finger cots,  cleanroom booties and many other cleanroom and laboratory accessories.
Cleanroom dispensers add convenience and comfort while completing necessary tasks.  having easy access to your essential stuff.
Cleanroom dispensers and part / garb holders add neatness, organize your cleanroom and laboratory.
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