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Acrylic and Static-Dissipatrive PVC Desiccator Cabinets- 1400 Series

Standard Features

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1/4" thickness clear Acrylic or Static-Dissipative PVC
Adjustable-Friction hinge to adjust door opening speed
Stainless steel spring loaded latches for perfect door Seals
Easy-open swing-down doors with foam rubber bulb sealing
Shelf supports strips allow shelf placement at two-inch increments
Fully modular, easy to make a five door unit from single chambers
Two shelves with perforated slots to ensure optimum gas flow distribution
Doors are reinforced to ensure air-tight sealing
Can be used with any Desiccant. Desiccant Choice
The new modular and high clearance desiccators are designed to protect, store and help in moving critical materials and to prevent contamination.
Material is available in clear or UV amber acrylic and static-dissipative PVC for enhanced ESD control.
Nitrogen Purge Control Unit
Desiccator Shelf
Acrylic Desiccator with Hygrometer
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Desiccator Cabinet With Hygrometer

Standard Options

Built-in Digital Hygrometer / Thermometer
An Automatic nitrogen purge control unit provides automatic low-humidity control capable of measuring and displaying humidities inside the Desiccator cabinet in the range: 5-100%RH, Accurately Controls Pre-Set Relative Humidity (+/- 2% RH) and purge Nitrogen when the moisture climbs above an adjustable set point. It includes:

     Digital Humidity monitor to display and set the humidity level.
     Dual Scale 0-60 PSI/400 Kpa Gauge indicating regulated input pressure
     0.5 - 60 PSI Panel-Mount Pressure Regulator for control of input nitrogen pressure
     0-20 SCFH Flowmeter allows control of output nitrogen flow
     External Humidity Sensor accurately measures relative humidity (+/-2%RH) and
     easy to    connect to the Purge control unit
     Two In/Out Push-to-connect nitrogen ports for 1/4" tubing
Inlet and outlet ports allow regulation of nitrogen flow
Adjustable Auto pressure relief valve relives excess nitrogen (N2)
Heavy duty acrylic shelves with 25 lbs. Weight capacity
Heavy duty 304 Stainless steel shelves for  upto 35 lbs. weight
Heavy-duty Powder coated steel stand for lifetime durability
Lockable casters for large capacity desiccator cabinets enhanced mobility
Buy Cleatech desiccators ,low humidity storage cabinets manufactured in Irvine, California with the best quality and lowest cost. We guarantee your satisfaction.
Standard Models and Dimentions

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Desiccators - 1400
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