Ductless Fume Hood
Portable Ductless Exhaust Hoods are negative-pressure turnkey hoods ventilate and purifies fumes, excellent choice for laboratories.  These hoods creates the negative air pressure that pulls contaminated air up and away from the operator’s breathing zone.  The air is directed into the filter chamber which houses various filter media (HEPA / Carbon) dependent on the type of particulate / vapor is generated.

Ductless exhaust hoods are available in width of 24", 32" models feature 1250 CFM impeller blower . Fan filter housing and work surface are constructed from corrosion resistant polypropylene. Walls are available in choice of clear Abrasion Resistant Polycarbonate or Static dissipative PVC. Static-dissipative surfaces minimize the risk of ESD electrostatic discharge under the hood. Polycarbonate AR offers abrasion and chemical resistance along with the same properties as regular Polycarbonate material.

Ductless Exhaust Hoods- Portable Fume Hoods

Portable Exhaust Hoods- Available Models and Options

Ductless Full-Clearance Exhaust Hood
Ductless Exhaust Fume Hood-Airflow Diagram
Clear AR Polycarbonate

Static-Dissipative PVC
24" Portable
32" Portable
Note:  HEPA Filter to be ordered separatly. Please choose filter from the table below
Overall Dimensions
W" x D" x H"
Work Space                          
W" x D" x H"  
24" Portable
24 x 18.5 x 29.5
23 x 17.75 x 17
32" Portable
32 x 18.5 x 29.5
31 x 17.75 x 17


Filters Description Price
A11-FI-H12 HEPA Filter 99.97% @ .3µm particles $275
A11-FI-C12 Activated charcoal carbon filter $295
Option  Code Description Price
A10-MT-AA Airflow Alarm Monitor_mounted on the side wall, More Info $390
A10-MT-AA3 Airflow Monitor with touchscreen_mounted on the side wall, More Info $695
A11-ST-P30D Stand 30"Height, epoxy Powder Coated Steel with Caster $635+
A11-ST-P35D Stand 35"Height, epoxy Powder Coated Steel with Caster $685+
Cleatech Ductless Fume Hoods-Dimension
Airflow Alarm Monitor is recommended to improve laboratory fume hood safety. 

Standard Features

·     Choice of clear AR Polycarbonate & Static Dissipative PVC for walls
Polypropylene worksurface & fan filter housing which resist acids and other chemicals.
·     Optional activated charcoal filter remove common organic fumes
HEPA Filter rated 99.97% efficient
Portable, Modular, economical system
·     It features an adjustable speed  blower to ensure a safe exhaust flow
·     Quick-release blower/filter housing for fast, easy filter replacement
·     Can be put on any available work surface
·     Each model includes two hinged access shield that increases air speed by restricting the air flow
Wall Construction:
Choice of Clear Polycarbonate, Clear Non-Dissipative PVC or Static Dissipative PVC
Worksurface Construction: Chemical resistant white polypropylene
Polyurethan prefilter or Activated charcoal
Final Filters:
HEPA: 99.97% efficient @ 0.3µm particles
Fan Motor:
1250 CFM (rated at 0" static pressure) variable-speed impeller; 115VAC/60Hz; consumes 155W
Average airflow velocity:
90 feet/minutes (fpm)
Sound level:
Less than 68 dBA noise level
115VAC/60Hz; consumes 155W;  Meets the requirements of the National Electrical Code and applicable local codes. All components UL listed and CE marked.
Horizontal Laminar Flow Hood
Horizontal Laminar Flow Hoods:
Vertical Laminar Flow Hood_Clean Bench
Vertical Laminar Flow Hood
with Air Recirculation Plenum
Economic Polypropylene Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods
Economic Polypropylene Laminar Flow Hood
Positive Pressure
Laminar Flow Hoods:
Portable Laminar Flow Hood_Static Dissipative PVC
Portable Laminar Flow Hoods, Positive Pressure
Cleatech Ductless Exhaust Hoods are not intended for use with explosive or biohazards materials and  not designed to exhaust flammable fumes and gasses
Portable Exhaust Hood_With Foldable Sash
Cleatech ductless exhaust hoods are a good choice if a ducted/ vented hood can not be installed. Ductless exhaust hoods work differently than vented hoods.
Similar to other ductless hoods, Cleatech  ductless fume hoods will not work without clean air filters HEPA or ULPA.
Activated charcoal filter is an option and the most common filtration media which absorb chemicals and odors.

Cleatech recommends a thorough testing of filter performance prior to exhaust release for each application.

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Clear View Fume Hood_Ducted
Ducted Fume Hoods
(clear View)
Ducted Fume Hoods,
Chemical Resistance,
Optional Worksurface
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