Closed-Loop Glovebox
2400 Series Glove box
2200 Series Glove box
2300 Series Glove box
2100 Series Glove box
Isolation Glove Box, used to protect the sample and isolate contamination-sensitive materials in a controlled environment

·Basic glove boxes provide dependable isolation, and may use positive air pressure in the workspace to prevent contamination of the specimen. These can be suitable for aseptic compounding, microelectronics assembly, and various non-hazardous life sciences applications.
Isolation Glove Box
Containment Glove Box
Containment Glove Box, protect the operator, in terms of hazardous or infectious agents.

·More elaborate closed-loop containment glove boxes (some of which may qualify as class III biological safety cabinets) often maintain a negative pressure in the workspace to prevent hazardous materials from escaping.

The latter types of glove box systems are suitable for working with any biosafety level 3 or 4 agents, infected animals, or other dangerous materials such as aerosols of pathogens or toxins.
In Glovebox or Glove compartment contains:

·Built-in arm-length Gloves are used to access and manipulate the sample within the sealed container.
·Airlock, a pass-through chamber used for transfer of objects into and out of a glove box with least disruption of the controlled glove box environment. Also called a Transfer Chamber or Antechamber. Particular airlock ports, such as Bag-In, Bag-Out Ports, further protect the external environment from hazardous vapors or powders inside a Containment Glove Box.
Some glove box systems (either isolation or containment) feature temperature and humidity or static safety controls, the ability to be attached to each other in tandem, and the ability to maintain automatic anaerobic conditions.
Controlled Environment
Glove Box Accessories
Gloveboxes available in four materials: acrylic, static-dissipative PVC, nondissipative PVC, polypropylene
Internal access doors open inward to allow easy parts transfer from inside the Glovbox. All Doors using stainless steel  frames that increase the structural rigidity of the door. They feature one-piece Rubber Bulb, Vinyl gasket. 
Standard and pass-through Transfer Chamber minimize nitrogen loss and contamination inflow while parts are placed or removed. The air locks include optional 1/8" NPT Push-to-Connect Gas-in port and an Automatic pressure relief valve.
Removable fully gasketed back wall for operations involving large equipment

Glovebox Standard Features;

Isolation Glove Boxes

Standard Options for Isolation Glove Boxes

Automatic Purge Control Unit Accurately Controls Pre-Set Relative Humidity provides a variable nitrogen purge into the glovebox. it provides a continuous low flow purge during normal operation in order to maintain a positive pressure that blocks out contaminants. In the event of  the moisture climbs above an adjustable set point, it switches to a higher flow purge to quickly block out entering moisture and contaminants.
Humidity Control Unit provides automatic low-humidity control capable of measuring and displaying humidities inside the glovebox in the range: 5-100%RH, Accurately Controls Pre-Set Relative Humidity (+/- 2% RH) and purge Nitrogen when the moisture climbs above an adjustable set point.
Automatic pressure relief Valve provides safe pressure relief
Power Strip 110VAC/60Hz
Stainless Steel Work Surface preventing scratching.

Filtered Containment Glove Boxes

Standard Options for Containment Glove Boxes

Blower Module , Backward curved adjustable speed impeller 510-CFM, Permanently lubricated, Automatic reset thermal overload protection, UL Listed; CSA Certified in a Polypropylen Housing.
Primary (S-2300 models only) HEPA Filter 99.97% efficient at trapping particles as small as 0.3 microns. Filter media is ultrafine glass fiber, Maximum temperature is 180° with 5 7/8" thick meet UL Class 2 flame retardance requirements.
Exhaust HEPA Filter 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns or ULPA 99.999%  efficient at 0.12 microns with 3" thick removes contaminants from the exhaust gas to make it safe for indoor release
Power Strip 110VAC/60Hz
Stainless Steel Work Surface preventing scratching.

Glove Box Dimensions

Cleatech's Gloveboxes are available in four materials: Acrylic, Static-Dissipative PVC, Non-dissipative PVC, Polypropylene with two and four glove ports. Blow you can see the dimension  of   two-port & four-port standard Glove Boxes.

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Portable GloveBox S-2200 Dimensions
Portable Mini GloveBox S-2200
Standard GloveBoxes
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Closed loop Glove Box 2400 Series
Open Exhuast Loop Glove Box 2300 Series
Model 2300
Model 2400
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Standard Glovebox
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Portable Glovebox

Mini Glove Box with Airlock_2
Glovebox 2100 Series_Cleatech
Polypropylene Glove box 2300
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Standard Isolation Glove Box S-2100
Open Exhaust Glove Box S-2300
Closed Loop Glove Box S-2400
Mini Size Glove Box Portable S-2200

Cleatech Compact Glovebox
2500 Series Glove box
2100 Series glovebox isolated chamber available in 3 ft and 5 ft width  designed for positive pressure to manipulate objects where a controlled atmosphere is desired. If used with gas ports it allows manipulation of substances that must be contained within a very high purity inert atmosphere, such as nitrogen or argon. They are available in single model with two glove ports or twin models with four glove ports.  vailable in cleanroom-compatible materials including clear Acrylic, Static dissipative PVC and chemical resistant polypropylene.
Ideal choice for basic laboratory applications with wide range of materials and accessories
2200 Series glovebox, light weight, portable and space saving with 27” width. Cleatech portable gloveboxes come with front tilt-up window and optional airlock. These economical glove boxes have the same function as standard 2100 series with wide range of materials and accessories for humidity and oxygen control & monitoring.

Ideal for variety of manufacturing and testing procedures.
2500 Series new designed glovebox compact, portable and lightweight that can be setup anywhere. Glove ports are located on the sides to allow a compact size. They feature a large front tilt-up access door for easy transfer of samples and substances. By adding the gas ports Inert gas such as nitrogen, argon can be used to control the oxygen and humidity level. Available in cleanroom-safe materials including clear Acrylic, Static dissipative PVC and polycarbonate.
Compact Glove Box 2500 Series
Model 2500
Compact Glovebox
2300 series Open Exhaust loop glove boxes can be factory configured as negative or positive pressure. Negative pressure is to protect operators and environment against contamination. Ideal for lab operations such as pharmaceutical powder packaging that generate particle contaminants . Incoming air is passed through Hepa/ Ulpa filter to remove particles; Optional second HEPA/ULPA or activated carbon filter to remove contaminants /fumes from the exhaust air.
Positive pressure filtration glovebox is to protect samples against airborne particles.  Sample protection is provided by capturing room air, passing the air through a Hepa/Ulpa filter into the chamber and returned to the room through optional HEPA filter.
2400 Series simple closed-loop glove boxes provide a clean process environment by continuous recirculation of air passing through Hepa/ ulpa filters. Particulates and contaminants generated from internal applications are removed from the flow of air, and also humidity and oxygen level can be controlled by inert gas such as nitrogen or argon as an option.

In multi-Config. models you are able to transform a closed-loop isolation environment to an open-loop containment chamber by some valves. The valves also let you set the percentage of fresh air entering the chamber

Compact GloveBox S-2500 Dimensions
Compact GloveBox S-2500
Glove Boxes Series