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Horizontal vs Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods Laminar flow hoods are designed to protect samples and parts from particulate contamination. Air flows in a uniform direction with a constant speed within the enclosed bench with little to no crossover air streams. Airborne contamination is filtered through HEPA (filter 99.99% @...

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Cleanroom Overview and Classifications Cleanrooms are typically used in scientific research and manufacturing to provide a controlled environment for handling sensitive components and samples. Depending on your specific standards, they can allow for varying levels of contaminants, such as airborne microbes, dust, particles, and chemical vapors, that are measured...

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Under all the plastic and glass of the device you are using to read this article sits a central processing unit or CPU.  From the latest iPhone to the satellite orbiting in space, a CPU is an essential component in all modern day electronics. The processing power found in...

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Ducted vs. Ductless Fume Hoods Ducted Fume Hood or Ductless Fume Hood? Before purchasing a fume hood there are a few variables to consider between a traditional chemical fume hood and a ductless fume hood. A traditional fume hood is generally connected to a building HVAC System and relies...

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A desiccator is an air-tight enclosure that can be used in two methods. The first method is to remove moisture inside the desiccator to prevent moisture from damaging moisture sensitive samples such as electronics and chemical samples that may react to moisture. The second method is to preserve moisture...

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