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Do you need a chemical- resistant Ducted Fume Hood?
Do you need a bottomless Fume Hood with optional work surface?

Laboratory Fume hoods, Ductless and Ducted Exhaust Hoods

Ductless Full-Clearance Exhaust Hood
Ducted Chemical Fume Hood
Ductless Fume Hoods, Exhaust Hoods

Portable fume hood in 24" and 32" Width
Features HEPA filter 99.97%
Available in Transparent Polycarbonate or PVC
Chemical resistant Polypropylene Spill tray
Available in ESD safe Static Dissipative Material
Optional Activated carbon Filter
1250 CFM Adjustable speed Exhaust fan
Two tilt-up front sash
Ducted Fume Hoods, High Clearance

Available in 18" to 72" Width Fume Hoods
Available in different Duct ports
Optional Exhaust Fan Module
Available in Transparent Polycarbonate or PVC
Chemical resistant Polypropylene Spill tray
Available in ESD safe Static Dissipative Material
Two tilt-up front sash
Ducted Fume Hood, Chemical Resistant

Available in 24" to 72" Width Chemical Hoods
Polypropylene or Stainless Steel Construction
Available in Different Duct ports
Optional Blower Module each 480 CFM
Two Front Tilt-up Shield
Fume Hoods also available wihout worksurface
Ducted Fume Hood_High Clearance

Cleatech manufactures standard and custom laboratory fume hoods, chemical workstations and enclosures to protect the operator from exposure to fumes, toxic vapors, gases, and particulate.

Fume Hoods are available in Ductless Hood or Ducted Hood in verity of size and material that meet your laboratory and cleanroom needs.

Our Laboratory Ductless Fume Hoods are a a good choice if a ducted/ vented hood can not be installed. Ductless exhaust hoods work differently than vented hoods.

Similar to other ductless hoods, Cleatech ductless exhaust hoods will not work without clean air filters HEPA, ULPA or charcoal (activated carbon) filter.

HEPA or ULPA filter remove the particles. Activated charcoal filter is an option and the most common filtration media which absorb chemicals and odors.

Ducted Exhaust Hood may be an excellent choice for applications that require a portable, benchtop , exterior-ducting fume hood.

Ducted Fume Exhaust Hoods are an economical tool for air quality enhancement in many medical, chemical, laboratory, Cleanroom and industrial applications.
About Cleatech Fume hoods

Cleatech manufactures Laboratory Ductless Hoods and Ducted Exhaust Hoods. These Fume hoods are negative-pressure exhaust  hoods excellent choice for laboratories. Fume hoods are available in different sizes and various typs of material.

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