Vacuum Glove Box

Vacuum Glove Box

Vacuum Glove Box – 2700 Series

Cleatech’s 2700 Series Vacuum Glove Box is designed for anaerobic processing in a dry inert gas environment. This glove box is made from 1″ Acrylic material capable of withstanding 29.8 in. Hg negative pressure. Features include two removable glove covers, a fully removable top, two vacuum valves with a barbed fitting for vacuum and nitrogen backfill, a vacuum gauge to monitor the main chamber and airlock internal pressure.

Available without a Transport Chamber and a Vacuum Airlock. A new addition is Cleatech’s Compact Vacuum Glove Box perfect for smaller laboratories. The glove box can be used in a wide range of vacuum applications such as degassing.

For automated vacuum control and oxygen monitoring, add Cleatech’s VCU (Vacuum Control Unit) and Cleatech’s Portable Oxygen Monitor to your order.

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Product Code Description Material Overall Dimensions
W x D x H
Price Qty
2700-2-A Vacuum Glove Box without Transport Chamber Clear Acrylic 24″ x 16″ x 18″ $3,980 0
2700-2-B Vacuum Glove Box with Vacuum Airlock Clear Acrylic 36″ x 16″ x 18″ $5,150 0
2700-1-C Compact Vacuum Glove Box Clear Acrylic 22″ x 18″ x 21″ $3,640 0



Product Code Description Price Qty
A21-GL-B1509 Chemical Resistant Butadyl Gloves 15-mil thick, 32” length.
Standard 9 hand size
 $165 0
A21-GL-BA09 Gloves with Accordion Sleeve 28″
Flexible Length 9″ hand size
 $240 0
A21-BE-P08 IRIS Ports (Bare Hand Entry) without Cover  $880 0
A21-BE-C08 IRIS Ports (Bare Hand Entry) with Cover  $1,045 0

Stand Options

Product Code Description Price Qty
A21-ST-P2630 30″ Height Stand, Powder Coated Steel for Single Model Glovebox $693 0

Cleatech’s Vacuum Glove Box has been designed to provide a low-pressure environment within the main chamber. With the help of a vacuum pump, air and other gases are removed from the enclosure by replacing them with nitrogen or argon gas. This creates an inert atmosphere that allows researchers to conduct experiments without the risk of contamination from reactive gases.

Vacuum atmospheres glove box are typically constructed out of acrylic, stainless steel, aluminum. Our 2700 series glove box is constructed from 1″ thick clear acrylic sheet producing a water-tight and air-tight seal, capable of handling 29.8 in. Hg negative pressure at an affordable price.

A vacuum glove box allows scientists and researchers to perform a test in a non-combustible environment with the ability to handle objects or non-harmful substances in a simulated environment. Commonly used in the manufacturing of semiconductors, spacecraft engineering, lithium battery development, material science, and chemistry settings. Any industry where a moisture-free and dust-free environment is desired.

Here is a list of other application

  • Atmospheric simulation
  • Leak testing
  • Permeability
  • Simulating deep space conditions
  • product testing/integrity
  • Vacuum distillation
  • Vacuum impregnation

We are a leading U.S. manufacturer of glove box and inert gas purification systems.

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