Cleanroom Chemical Carts &
Laboratory Utility Carts

We offer a full line of Laboratory & cleanroom-safe polypropylene chemical transport cart & Utility Carts.

Polypropylene Chemical Carts

Polypropylene Chemical Transport Carts (Acid Transport Carts) can be used to transfer Acid-corrosive Chemical and hazardous acids. Our Polypropylene chemical safety carts meet the most cleanroom, safety requirements and constructed using liquid tight welding techniques

Chemical & Acid Transport Carts

Chemical & Acid Transport Carts

  • Chemical Transfer Carts
  • Acid Transport Carts
  • Polypropylene Transport Carts
  • White Polypropylene Construction, 1/2″ wall thickness
  • Acid-resistant casters
  • Three standard configurations
  • Modular and removable bottle dividers
  • Spill containment Design
  • Optional Floor-lock brakes

Utility Carts

Medium and Heavy-Duty Utility carts from Eagle-Group come with two or three wire shelves, Solid shelf or basket featuring patented design, with Zinc, Chrome, or stainless steel finish. Two handles, posts and casters with donut bumpers. Medium Duty carts have 500-lb. cart capacity. Heavy Duty have 800-lb. cart capacity. Carts with Solid Shelf come with two chrome wire shelves and one stainless steel solid shelf.

Utility Transport Carts

  • Utility Carts with Solid Shelf
    • Two chrome finish open-wire shelves.
    • One stainless steel solid shelf.
  • Medium Duty Utility Carts
    • Two or Three wire shelves
    • Weight capacity 500lb
  • Wire Utility Basket Cart

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