Laboratory & Cleanroom

Purge Controls & Nitrogen Generators

Dispensers & Organizers

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  • Safety Glasses holders/ Pigeonhole Organizers
  • Cleanroom Wiper, Booties, Hat Dispensers
  • Small Part Dispensers / Swab Holders

Tables & Chairs

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  • Stainless Steel Tables
  • Cleanroom Tables, Solid & Perforated top
  • Cleanroom Chairs_ Class 100 / ESD
  • Cleanroom Chairs Class 1000 / ESD
  • Cleanroom Stools

Cleanroom Shelving & Storage

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  • Wire Shelving
  • Stainless Steel Storage Cabinets
  • Laminar Air Flow Storage Cabinets
  • Desiccator Cabinets / Low Humidity Storage Cabinets

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Custom Manufacturing

We create solutions for your specific application quickly and economically. For any custom design laboratory and cleanroom controlled environment equipment please feel free to contact us

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