Compact Glove Box System: S-2500

Limit Exposure to Contaminations When Handling Samples

Cleatech’s 2500 Series compact gloveboxes offer a compact, portable, and economical option for handling materials in an enclosed environment.

The compact glovebox primarily consists of an enclosed chamber with a large front access door and glove ports located on the sides of the chamber. The tilt-up access door provides convenient viewing and accessibility to materials. Gloveboxes can be ordered with an optional gas port so that inert gas such as nitrogen and argon, can be used to control the oxygen and humidity level.

Product CodeGlovebox TypeOverall DimensionsMaterialPriceQty
2500-2-ATwo-Port Portable Glovebox18.25”Wx 17.75”Dx 16”HClear Acrylic*$1,0800

* Acrylic is damaged by Alcohol and some cleaning agents.

Product CodeGlovebox TypeOverall DimensionsMaterialPriceQty
2500-2-BTwo-Port Portable Glovebox27″W x18.25″D x18.25″HStatic-Dissipative PVC$1,8900
2500-2-ETwo-Port Portable Glovebox27″W x18.25″D x18.25″HStatic-Dissipative Acrylic*$1,8900

* Acrylic is damaged by Alcohol and some cleaning agents.

Product CodeGlovebox TypeOverall DimensionsMaterialPriceQty
2500-2-CTwo-Port Portable Glovebox27″W x18.25″D x18.25″HNon-Dissipative PVC$1,4600
Product CodeGlovebox TypeOverall DimensionsMaterialPriceQty
2500-2-DTwo-Port Portable Glovebox27″W x18.25″D x18.25″HPolycarbonate$1,2700



Product CodeDescriptionPriceQty
A21-GL-B1509Chemical resistant Butadyl Gloves 15-mil thick, 32” length. Standard 9 hand size$1650
A21-BE-P08IRIS Ports (Bare Hand Entry) without Cover$8800
A21-BE-C08IRIS Ports (Bare Hand Entry) with Cover$1,0450

Inert-gas Options/ Atmosphere Monitors & Controllers

Product CodeDescriptionPriceQty
A21-GP-IN/BVGas-in Port and Adjustable pressure relief Valve$810
A21-GP-FM20Flowmeter, range 2-20 SCFH air. with Stainless Steel valve-External Mount$1300
A21-HM-HSAutomatic Purge Control Unit with Humidity Sensor & Flowmeter-Type S*$1,5500
A21-HM-OAAutomatic Purge Control Unit with Oxygen Sensor (O2 Analyzer)$2,9300
A21-MT-OMOxygen monitor, Digital Display, 0- 100% Oxygen reading, W/ sensor$1,5400
A15-MT-HTSDigital Hygrometer / Thermometer 15% to 99% RH , 14° F to 140° F Temp.$500

* Type S: A single purge unit that keeps the humidity of enclosure on the set point by purging Nitrogen when the moisture climbs above an adjustable set point. The Nitrogen flow is stopped by a solenoid valve when the humidity is lower than the setpoint.

Power Outlet

Product CodeDescriptionPriceQty
A10-PO-HS4Hospital Grade Power Strip Four Outlets, 110VAC/60Hz$1800
A21-CG-XXAir-Tight Cord Grips / Feed-troughs for single diameter cord$650
A21-CG-XXAir-Tight Cord Grips / Feed-troughs for multi-diameter cords$1650

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Glovebox Standard Features

  • Material construction: Choice of Clear Acrylic, polycarbonate, Static and Non static PVC
  • Nominal size 16”x16”x16”
  • Overall dimensions: 18.25”Wx 17.75”Dx 16”H
  • Door opening: 14.5”Wx 12.75”H
  • 8″ Diameter glove port with Stainless Steel clamp

Standard Options for Compact Glove Box System: S-2500

  • Chemical Resistance Anti-static Gloves, 15-mil thick , 32″ length
  • Gas-in port push-to connect fitting and Gas-out bleeding valve
  • Digital Hygrometer and thermometer (15% to 99% RH, Temperature accuracy: ±1.8 F, Humidity accuracy: ±5%)
  • Flowmeter with adjusting valve 0 to 20 SCFH
  • Automatic Purge control unit with humidity sensor (5% to 100%) Reduces Nitrogen Consumption to 75%+
  • Oxygen Monitor with a single range of 0-100% (-/+1%) . The unit is mounted on the foldable bracket on the side wall of the glove box. Input power is 110-240 VAC.
  • Single cord or Multi-cord Air-Tight Cord Grips (cable feedthrough), for cord diameter .08″ to 1.28″ .Ideal for power cord, data & internet cables, USB, monitor & printer connectors.

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