Wafer Storage Desiccator Cabinets

Cleatech’s Wafer Storage Desiccator Cabinet provides storage of up to 12″ silicon wafer carriers in a particle-free nitrogen environment. Designed for optimal storage density of 200mm or 300mm wafers. Theses wafer desiccator cabinets are also available in Desiccant type providing isolated atmosphere chambers without having back plenum and gas ports.

Choose the optional Automatic nitrogen-purge control unit and humidity sensor which are capable of measuring and displaying humidities in the range 5-100%RH, Accurately Controls Pre-Set Relative Humidity (+/- 2% RH) and Reduces Nitrogen Consumption to 75%.

Select a Desiccator and then select corresponding options below

Product CodeWafer SizeNo. of ChambersStorage CapacityChamber Clearance W” x D” x H”Overall Size W” x D” x H”PriceQty
1510-4-A200mm416*25x23x10 13/1626 1/2x25x48$2,4200
1510-5-C200mm520*25x23x10 13/1626 1/2x25x60$2,8600
1510-6-E200mm624*25x23x10 13/1653x25x36$3,6100
1510-8-G200mm832*25x23x10 13/1653x25x48$4,4100
1510-10-K200mm1040*25x23x10 13/1653x25x60$5,5900
1510-4-M300mm48**17 7/16x23x14 1/219x25x64$2,7200
1510-4-Q300mm4817 7/16x27x14 1/219x29x64$3,1900
1510-8-O300mm816**17 7/16x23x14 1/238x25x64$4,3100
1510-8-Q300mm81617 7/16x27x14 1/238x29x64$4,7500
Product CodeWafer SizeNo. of ChambersStorage CapacityChamber Clearance W” x D” x H”Overall Size W” x D” x H”PriceQty
1510-4-B200mm416*25x23x10 13/1626 1/2x25x48$4,0500
1510-5-D200mm520*25x23x10 13/1626 1/2x25x60$4,5950
1510-6-F200mm624*25x23x10 13/1653x25x36$5,9400
1510-8-H200mm832*25x23x10 13/1653x25x48$7,2900
1510-10-L200mm1040*25x23x10 13/1653x25x60$9,1800
1510-4-N300mm48**17 7/16x23x14 1/219x25x64$4,2750
1510-4-R300mm4817 7/16x27x14 1/219x29x64$4,9950
1510-8-P300mm816**17 7/16x23x14 1/238x25x64$6,6500
1510-8-R300mm81617 7/16x27x14 1/238x29x64$7,3200


Select accessories from the table below

Option CodeDescriptionPriceQty
A21-HM-HDDOne-Channel Nitrogen-Purge Control Unit with one humidity sensor installed in lower chamber *$14500
A21-GP-FM20Flowmeter, range 2-20 SCFH air. with Valve-External Mount$1150
A21-GP-IN/BVGas-in Port & Pressure Relief Valve **$780
A15-ST-P08WxStand with Caster- Powder Coated Steel- Single Column$3850
A15-ST-P08WxStand with leveling mount- Powder Coated Steel- Single Column$3380
A15-ST-P08WxStand with Caster- Powder Coated Steel- Double Columns$6350
A15-ST-P08WxStand with leveling mount- Powder Coated Steel- Double Columns$5950

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How S-1500 Nitrogen Storage Cabinets work

Nitrogen “N2” is served as an inert gas replacement for air where oxidation is undesirable. Nitrogen is the standard means for contamination-free storage chambers. N2 does not react with stored materials and it can be isolated and purified relatively economically.

Cleatech S-1500 Nitrogen purge cabinets use a removable plenum chamber designed to provide a continuous laminar flow of nitrogen over the moisture sensitive devices (MSD) maintained within the dry storage desiccator cabinet. (see the nitrogen flow diagram in the left). The volume of nitrogen purged depends on the volume of the storage cabinet, the moisture contained within the contents of the cabinet, the Related Humidity of the external environment and how often the desiccator cabinet is opened.

Also using Cleatech’s “Automatic Nitrogen Purge System” would reduce Nitrogen Consumption to 75% in desiccators (dry boxes).

Acrylic or ESD safe PVC material on S-1500 nitrogen dry storage cabinets and desiccators perform well and of course provide a visual advantage over a stainless steel cabinet.

Particle-Free Nitrogen Environment

Available in Desiccant Type Providing an Isolated Atmosphere Chamber

Ideal Storage for 200 mm or 300 mm Wafers

Automatic Nitrogen-Purge Control Unit and Humidity Sensors Available

Standard Features

  • 1/4″ thickness Clear/Amber Acrylic, Static-Dissipative PVC
  • Stainless Steel door hinge for maximum door support
  • Lift-and-turn Compression Latch
  • One-piece door sealing
  • Plenum chamber minimizes back-fill ensures uniform gas distribution
  • 304 stainless steel door frame extend service life and improve sealing performance
  • Stainless steel racks allow shelf placement at one-inch increments.
  • Grounded rack, hinges and door latch provide additional ESD safety for S.D. PVC desiccators

Standard Options

  • An Automatic nitrogen purge control unit provides automatic low-humidity control capable of measuring and displaying humidity inside the Desiccator cabinet in the range: 5-100%RH, Accurately Controls Pre-Set Relative Humidity (+/- 2% RH).While inside humidity level is below set point the system provides low purge (2-20 Cubic feet per hour). Maintain positive pressure inside the desiccator chambers to have free contaminants and moisture environment.When the moisture climbs above an adjustable set point the system automatically activates high-flow purge (0.5 – 60 PSI).
    • In One-channel purge control unit, there is only one humidity sensor which is installed in the lower chamber of multi-chamber desiccators. There are some perforated holes between chambers which connect the chambers together.
    • For more critical requirements, select the Multi-Channel nitrogen purge control unit. For each chamber there is separated sensor and controller. When any door opens the system responses much faster to the sudden RH% increase.
  • Heavy-duty Powder coated steel stand
  • Lockable casters for large capacity desiccator cabinets enhanced mobility
  • Gas-in Port and Adjustable Auto pressure relief valve relives excess nitrogen (N2)

Minimum system includes:

  • Digital Humidity monitor to display and set the humidity level.
  • Dual Scale 0-60 PSI/400 Kpa Gauge indicating regulated input pressure
  • 0.5 – 60 PSI Pressure Regulator for control of high purge flow
  • 2-20 SCFH Flowmeter allows control of minimum maintaining flow
    • External Humidity Sensor accurately measures relative humidity (+/-2%RH)

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