Chemical & Acid Transport Carts

Transporting acids and hazardous chemicals around a laboratory can pose a serious danger to people and equipment. To safely transport dangerous chemicals a corrosive resistant cart is required. At Cleatech we offer a chemical transport cart constructed with 1/2″ polypropylene material. Our carts are an economical solution that includes all the SCE standard features. Available in several configurations to meet your specifications. Built and shipped from our facility in Orange County, California.

Chemical Transport Cart

Product Code Model Dimensions Capacity No. of Gallon Price Qty
3500-1-A Type A 40″x18″x37″ 16 $2,320 0
3500-1-B Type B 40″x18″x37″ 18 $2,790 0
3500-1-C Type C 40″x18″x37″ 24 $2,990 0

Laboratory Transport Carts, Built with Chemical Resistant Material.

Built to put safety first, our carts are made with acid and corrosive resistant material. Acid resistant swivel casters allow you to easily maneuver the cart in tight space, locking brakes are also available. If you require a specific storage configuration we can customize these designs to fit your need, please contact us or email us your specifications.

Chemical Transport Cart Features

  • White Polypropylene construction materials
  • 1/2″ wall thickness
  • Acid-resistant casters
  • Three standard configurations
  • Modular and removable bottle dividers
  • Spill containment design
  • Optional floor-lock brakes

Custom storage/transport carts options available. Give us a call at 1-888-216-8033 for more information.

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