Pass-Through Desiccator Cabinets

Cleatech’s Pass-Through Desiccator Cabinets can be installed in a cleanroom or inventory room wall or can be positioned between two aisles in assembly rooms allowing access to stored materials from both sides.

The compartments can be fully isolated from each other as each compartment utilizes an inlet and bleeding valve for introduction of nitrogen gas or CDA to complete purging system to reduce the moisture level down to 0%.

Or the compartments can be connected to each other through some perforations between chamber dividers so they can be used with one set of inlet and bleeding valve along with a single channel automatic purge control unit.

PCU or purge controller can provide automatic low-humidity control capable of measuring and displaying humidity inside the pass-through cabinets in the range: 5-100%RH.

  • Front and rear access doors allow pass-through operations
  • Stainless steel doors extend the service life of the desiccator
  • They can be ordered with an optional removable shelf.
  • Optional racks allow shelf placement at one-inch increments
  • Grounded rack, hinges and door latch provide additional ESD safety

Select a Desiccator and then select corresponding options below

Product CodeNo. Of Chamber (RxC)Shelf Space W”xD”Overall Dimension W” x D” x H”PriceQty
1540-2-A2X121 1/2×21 1/224x24x24$1,1500
1540-2-D2X121 1/2×15 1/224x18x32$1,3650
1540-3-A3X121 1/2×21 1/224x24x36$1,9000
1540-3-D3X121 1/2×15 1/224x18x48$2,1000
1540-4-A4X121 1/2×21 1/224x24x48$2,2000
1540-4-D4X121 1/2×15 1/224x18x64$2,4500
1540-5-A5X121 1/2×15 1/224x18x60$2,5500
1540-5-D5X121 1/2×21 1/224x24x60$2,7500
1540-6-A3×221 1/2×21 1/248x24x36$3,1500
1540-6-D3×221 1/2×15 1/248x18x48$3,5400
1540-8-A4X221 1/2×21 1/248x24x48$3,9000
1540-8-D4X221 1/2×15 1/248x18x64$4,3900
1540-10-A5X221 1/2×15 1/248x18x60$4,4000
1540-10-D5X221 1/2×21 1/248x24x60$4,5900
Product CodeNo. Of Chamber (RxC)Shelf Space W”xD”Overall Dimension W” x D” x H”PriceQty
1540-2-B2X121 1/2×21 1/224x24x24$1,3300
1540-2-E2X121 1/2×15 1/224x18x32$1,6000
1540-3-B3X121 1/2×21 1/224x24x36$2,2800
1540-3-E3X121 1/2×15 1/224x18x48$2,5500
1540-4-B4X121 1/2×21 1/224x24x48$2,6500
1540-4-E4X121 1/2×15 1/224x18x64$2,9100
1540-5-B5X121 1/2×15 1/224x18x60$2,9900
1540-5-E5X121 1/2×21 1/224x24x60$3,1500
1540-6-B3×221 1/2×21 1/248x24x36$3,5200
1540-6-E3×221 1/2×15 1/248x18x48$3,9600
1540-8-B4X221 1/2×21 1/248x24x48$4,4200
1540-8-E4X221 1/2×15 1/248x18x64$4,8100
1540-10-B5X221 1/2×15 1/248x18x60$5,1900
1540-10-E5X221 1/2×21 1/248x24x60$5,2900
Product CodeNo. Of Chamber (RxC)Shelf Space W”x D”Overall Dimension W” x D” x H”PriceQty
1540-2-C2X121 1/2×21 1/224x24x24$2,1300
1540-2-F2X121 1/2×15 1/224x18x32$2,3700
1540-3-C3X121 1/2×21 1/224x24x36$3,1450
1540-3-F3X121 1/2×15 1/224x18x48$3,5600
1540-4-C4X121 1/2×21 1/224x24x48$4,3500
1540-4-F4X121 1/2×15 1/224x18x64$4,4500
1540-5-C5X121 1/2×15 1/224x18x60$4,4900
1540-5-F5X121 1/2×21 1/224x24x60$4,8800
1540-6-C3×221 1/2×21 1/248x24x36$5,7500
1540-6-F3×221 1/2×15 1/248x18x48$6,5800
1540-8-C4X221 1/2×21 1/248x24x48$7,6000
1540-8-F4X221 1/2×15 1/248x18x64$7,9900
1540-10-C5X221 1/2×15 1/248x18x60$8,2200
1540-10-F5X221 1/2×21 1/248x24x60$8,8400


Select shelves from the table below

Option CodeDescriptionPriceQty
A15-SH-APerforated Acrylic ShelfTBD0
A15-SH-PPerforated Static Dissipative PVC ShelfTBD0
A15-SH-SPerforated Stainless Steel ShelfTBD0
S-14Stainless Steel Wire RacksTBD0

* Stainless steel racks will be added to your order when shelves are selected.


Select Accessories from the table below

Option CodeDescriptionPriceQty
A21-GP-IN/BVGas-in Port & Pressure Relief Valve *$810
A21-HM-HDOne-Channel Nitrogen-Purge Control Unit with one humidity sensor installed in lower chamber **$1,4500
A21-GP-FM20Flowmeter, range 2-20 SCFH air. with Valve-External Mount ***$1150
A15-SH-APerforated Acrylic Shelf$42- $510
A15-SH-SPerforated Stainless steel Shelf *$135 – $1550
A15-DL-P2Locking Bracket, One per door, Stainless, for use w/Pad-lock (every two side-by-side doors are locked with the same padlock), not including padlock*$300
A15-DL-C1Cam lock, Same key, installed for each door, price per door$550
A15-DL-C2Cam lock, Same key, installed for each door, price per door$550
A154-ST-P08CStand with Caster- Powder Coated Steel one chamber per tier$4200
A154-ST-P08LStand with leveling mount- Powder Coated Steel, one chamber per tier$3500
A154-ST-P08BCStand with Caster- Powder Coated Steel two chamber per tier$6200
A154-ST-P08BLStand with leveling mount- Powder Coated Steel, two chamber per tier$5950

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Cleatech offers the best quality and lowest cost Nitrogen Desiccators. All of our low humidity storage cabinets are manufactured in Santa Ana, California.

Pass-Through Desiccator Cabinets

How S-1500 Nitrogen Storage Cabinets work

Nitrogen “N2” is served as an inert gas replacement for air where oxidation is undesirable. Nitrogen is the standard means for contamination-free storage chambers. N2 does not react with stored materials and it can be isolated and purified relatively economically.

Cleatech S-1500 Nitrogen purge cabinets use a removable plenum chamber designed to provide a continuous laminar flow of nitrogen over the moisture sensitive devices (MSD) maintained within the dry storage desiccator cabinet. (see the nitrogen flow diagram in the left). The volume of nitrogen purged depends on the volume of the storage cabinet, the moisture contained within the contents of the cabinet, the Related Humidity of the external environment and how often the desiccator cabinet is opened.

Also using Cleatech’s “Automatic Nitrogen Purge System” would reduce Nitrogen Consumption to 75% in desiccators (dry boxes).

Acrylic or ESD safe PVC material on S-1500 nitrogen dry storage cabinets and desiccators perform well and of course provide a visual advantage over a stainless steel cabinet.

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