Exhaust Hoods

Laboratory Fume hoods | Ductless and Ducted Exhaust Hoods

Cleatech manufactures a range of ductless and ducted exhaust hoods for laboratories and applications where the operator is exposed to fumes and air particulates. Our fume hoods create a negative air pressure environment that pulls contaminated air up and away from the operator’s breathing zone and into a ventilation system or filter chamber. Fume and exhaust hoods are available in a range of size and materials to meet the needs of a multitude of applications.

Ductless Fume Hoods, Exhaust Hoods – Portable

  • Portable fume hood available in 24″, 32″ and 48″ models
  • Features a HEPA filter and/or  Activated carbon filter
  • Available in AR Polycarbonate or Static-Dissipative PVC
  • Chemical resistant polypropylene spill tray
  • 1250 CFM Adjustable Speed Exhaust Fan
  • Two Front Tilt-up Shield

Ducted Fume Hoods – High Clearance

  • Available in a range of widths, from 18″ to 72″ wide
  • Available in Polycarbonate, Non-Dissipative PVC, and Static-Dissipative PVC
  • Available with a 6″, 8″ & 10″ OD Duct Port
  • Optional Exhaust Fan Module
  • Chemical-resistant Polypropylene spill tray
  • Two Front Tilt-up Shield

Ducted Fume Hood, Polypropylene

  • Available in a range of widths, from 24″ to 72″ wide
  • Polypropylene Construction, high chemical resistant
  • Available with a 6″, 8″ and 10″ OD Duct Port
  • Optional Blower Module each 480 CFM
  • Two Front Tilt-up Shield
  • Available With or Without a Worksurface

Ducted Fume Hoods, Stainless Steel

  • Available in a range of widths, from 18″ to 72″ wide
  • 304 Stainless steel construction (also available in 316)
  • Available with a 6″, 8 and 10″ OD Duct Port
  • Optional Exhaust Fan Module
  • Optional stainless steel worksurface
  • Two Front Tilt-up Shield in ESD-safe Static-Dissipative PVC

Powder Containment Hoods

  • Available in a range of widths, from 24″ to 48″ wide
  • Polypropylene body and AR Polycarbonate sash
  • Removable airfoil to prevent turbulence
  • Removable Rear Baffle for easy  hood cleaning
  • Available with single and double HEPA Filters
  • Available with an 10″ OD Duct Port
  • HEPA filter efficiency 99.97% at 0.3-micron particles

Downflow Hoods- Portable

  • Available in 24”, 32” and 36” width
  • Polypropylene construction
  • 316 Stainless Steel removable worksurface
  • Washable Polyurethane Foam Pre-Filter
  • Compact and modular design
  • Optional sides and front shields

Laboratory Fume Hood

  • Available in three standard lengths of 24″, 60″ and 72″
  • Two standard internal depth of 24″ and 30″.
  • Slotted baffle system for proper airflow and constant face velocity
  • Aerodynamic airfoil hood provides an even airflow to prevent internal turbulence
  • Vertical sliding sash to provide a full-width working area
  • Dished work surface designed to safely contain spills

Laboratory Portable Fume Extractor

  • Freely moving, easy to operate and install.
  • The purification system consists of fan, primarily efficient filter, high efficient filter and activated carbon filter.
  • HEPA filter ensures the filtering efficiency to 99.999% efficiency at 0.3μm.
  • Self-supportive, three-knuckle adjustable external arm.
  • Optional 4” Flex. hose for connecting to a ducted fume hood, converting a ducted hood to a ductless hood

About Cleatech Fume Hoods

Cleatech manufactures standard and custom laboratory fume hoods, chemical workstations and enclosures to protect the operator from exposure to fumes, toxic vapors, gases, and particulate.

Ducted and ductless fume hoods are available in a variety of sizes and material that meet your laboratory and cleanroom needs.

Ductless Exhaust Hoods are a good choice if a ducted/vented hood cannot be installed. Similar to other ductless hoods, Cleatech ductless exhaust hoods will not work without clean air filters HEPA, ULPA or charcoal (activated carbon) filter.

HEPA filters are rated 99.99% efficient at removing 0.3μm particles, whereas ULPA filters are rated 99.997% efficient at removing 0.12μm particles. The optional activated charcoal filter is the most common filtration media used to absorb chemicals and odors.

Ducted Exhaust Hoods are an excellent choice for applications that require a portable, benchtop, exterior-ducting fume hood. Ducted fume exhaust hoods are an economical option for air quality enhancement in many medical, chemical, laboratory, clean room, and industrial applications.

Our ducted fume hoods can be combined with a fume exhaust system to eliminate or lower exposure to hazardous fumes to the operator, protecting the application being worked on and protecting the environment by moving the hazardous fume outside of the building. Cleatech’s Ducted Exhaust Hoods work by moving air from the room into the fume hood and expelling it to HEPA filters. Our fume hoods include a HEPA filter and blower to carry away airborne contaminants before the operator can be inhaled. Our fume hoods are cost-effect, energy efficient solutions for protecting the operator from hazardous fumes and dust.