ESD Safe Equipment for Cleanrooms & Labs

Limit Exposure to Contaminations When Handling Samples

Cleatech Supplies the highest quality ESD-Safe Furniture, Static Dissipative Cleanroom Workstation & Laboratory Hoods, ESD Work Benches and Chairs. Proper grounding and the use of conductive or dissipative materials on lab & cleanroom equipment play major roles. The rate of static discharge can be controlled with static-dissipative materials as you can find in Cleatech’s ESD Safe products.

Laminar Airflow Hoods

Ionizing Bars for Laminar Air Flow Hoods

Cleatech offers Ionizing bars along with laminar air flow workstations and clean benches. Ionizing bar with Tungsten emitters and integral controller, designed to control electrostatic charge inflow hoods and provides a continuous stream of static-neutralizing ions to protect sensitive materials against ESD.

ESD Safe Static Dissipative Desiccators

ESD-Safe Static Dissipative Desiccators

ESD Safe desiccator cabinets and Dry boxes with static dissipative coated material provide clean moisture free storage and create a small cleanroom isolated from the typical lab atmosphere. Introducing dry nitrogen or compressed dry air into the cabinet purges out the contaminated air and provides a clean and dry space for your components and devices.

Static Dissipative Gloveboxes

Static Dissipative Gloveboxes

ESD safe PVC gloveboxes with stainless steel worksurface and anti-static gloves provide a clean, dry work environment for cleanroom, laboratory and electronics assembly protecting of electro static sensitive materials & components during the handling. Optional filtration system to eliminate micro contaminants & fine pharmaceutical powders.

Static ESD Safe Fume Hoods

Static ESD Safe Fume Hoods

Electrostatic discharge that is caused by static electricity and electrostatic induction can result in serious damage to sensitive electronic equipment. Our ducted and ductless hoods can emit harmful fumes and particulate that operators should avoid inhaling and provide a static-free work environment by ESD control.

ESD Safe Cleanroom Chairs & Stools

ESD-Safe Cleanroom Chairs & Stools

Static Control seating with Static-dissipative upholstery and ESD casters makes these chairs safe for use around sensitive components and equipment. Chairs and stools for top performance in a wide variety of environments including: industry, education, laboratory, static control and healthcare

* Note: Depending on the size and the model of certain gear and furniture, there are variable standards for ESD safety control. Please consult with us in advance about your ESD cleanroom needs.

Electrostatic Discharge Protections

In manufacturing, prevention of ESD is based on an Electrostatic Protective Area (EPA). The EPA can be a small workstation or a large manufacturing area. The main principle of an EPA is that there are no highly-charging materials in the vicinity of ESD sensitive electronics, all conductive materials are grounded, workers are grounded, and charge build-up on ESD sensitive electronics is prevented.

Conductive materials have a low electrical resistance, thus electrons flow easily across the surface or through these materials. Charges go to ground or to another conductive object that the material contacts. While Dissipative materials allow the charges to flow to ground more slowly in a more controlled manner than with conductive materials.

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