Laminar Flow Glove Box
Isolator 2600 Series

Laminar Flow Isolator

Cleatech’s 2600 Series compounding aseptic isolators provide a sterile, positive pressure environment for compounding non-hazardous drugs. Both the work zone and antechamber areas are supplied with HEPA filtered unidirectional air flow to meet ISO Class 5 conditions and sterility to minimize cross-contamination.

The FFU (fan filter unit) serves as the backbone of the compounding pharmacy isolator. Its direct-drive electric motor forces air through a HEPA filter that is rated 99.99% efficient at removing all particles 0.3 microns and larger. A ULPA filter can be utilized for more stringent cleanliness requirements since they are 99.999% efficient at removing particles 0.12 microns and larger.

2600 Series compounding aseptic isolators are an ideal choice for applications that handle non-hazardous drugs and are not intended for hazardous drug compounding.

Product Code Glovebox Type Material Price Qty
2600-2-A Two-Port Glove Box (CAI) Clear Acrylic* $4,140 0
Product Code Glovebox Type Material Price Qty
2600-2-B Two-Port Glove Box (CAI) Clear Acrylic* $4,650 0

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Standard Features:

  • General Construction: Polypropylene body and Transparent AR Polycarbonate front window
  • Antechamber Interior: 14.75”W x 28.5”D x 30”H
  • Glove Ports: 8” diameter port with stainless steel glove clamps
  • Door Opening: Main Chamber: 22”x22” located on the right side, Antechamber: 11.5” x 22” front access
  • Pressure Gauge: Magnehelic gauges (0 – 0.25” Water Column) monitor the internal positive pressure of the main chamber and antechamber.
  • IV Bar: Stainless steel rod, 0.5” diameter including S-shaped IV hooks, mounted about 5” from the filter face.
  • Test ports: To test or certify the internal pressure and the differential pressure of main and antechamber, two ports are located on the left upper side of unit.
  • Pre-filters: Washable polyurethane foam on the intake and exhaust
  • Final Filters: HEPA: 99.99% efficient @ 0.3μm particles or ULPA: 99.999% efficient @ 0.12μm particles
  • Average airflow velocity: 90 feet/minutes (fpm) at filter surface and Air Flow: 650 CFM
  • Sound level: 51 dBA, measured no more than 30” from filter face @ 90 FPM
  • Lighting: Two LED light fixtures internal mounted
  • Electrical: 110VAC, 50/60Hz or 220VAC, 50 Hz. 3 Amp Maximum, Meets the requirements of the National Electrical Code and applicable local codes.
  • Performance: Particle count exceeds ISO Class 5 requirements, Meets IEST recommended practices

Standard Options for Containment Glove Boxes S-2300

  • Secondary HEPA Filter 99.97% efficient at 0.3 microns or ULPA 99.999% efficient at 0.12 microns with 3″ thick removes contaminants from the exhaust gas to make it safe for indoor release
  • Hospital grade power strip with four outlets provides 110 VAC if a power outlet is needed inside the glove box.
  • Stainless Steel Work Surface or Spill tray preventing scratching, recommended for static Dissipative PVC gloveboxes to protect Anti-static coating. It’s also required for transparent gloveboxes which ordered with stand
  • Chemical Resistance Anti-static BUTADYL Gloves, 15-mil thick , 32″ length with 8″-dia. cuff opening and 9 hand size. BUTADYL Gloves are alternative to HYPALON, NEOPRENE or BUTYL in many application. it offers strong resistance to particularly harmful agents, such as AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS, PETROLEUM SOLVENTS, and LIPIDS.
  • 30″Height Stand, Cleanroom Compatible Powder Coated Steel for Glovebox including caster (two locking). (also Available with leveling mount)

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