Stainless Steel Desiccator
Dry storage Cabinets- 1600 Series

Cleatech’s 1600 Series Stainless Steel Desiccators (Dry Boxes) low humidity storage environment and designed for maximum weight capacity and long-term durability.

Each 1600 Series Desiccator is a non-vacuum dry cabinet allowing an optional inlet and outlet port to be equipped allowing gas to be purged through the storage area. An inert gas, CDA or desiccant can be used for automated purging and humidity control.

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Product CodeShelf Space W” x D”Compartment Size W” x D” x H”PriceQty
1600-1-D16 1/2 x 1718 x 18 x 16$1,9000
1600-1-F18 1/2 x 1920 x 20 x 16$1,9400
1600-1-H20 1/2 x 2122 x 22 x 16$1,9700
1600-1-I18 1/2 x 1920 x 20 x 22* $2,1100
Product CodeShelf Space W” x D”Compartment Size W” x D” x H”PriceQty
A16-SH-S114.5 x 1516 x 16 x 16$1500
A16-SH-S216 1/2 x1718x18x16$1600
A16-SH-S318 1/2 x1920x20x16$1700
A16-SH-S420 1/2 x2122x22x16$1800
A16-SH-S3 18 1/2 x19 20x20x22*$1700

* 1600-1-I Stainless steel desiccator cabinet has two Compression latches_See Picture in the upper right


Select the Accessories you needed from the table below

Shelf OptionDescriptionCorresponding CabinetNominal Dimensions
Usable Shelf Space
A16-SH-S2304 Stainless Steel Shelf1600-1-D18″ x 18″16.5″ x 17″$1600
A16-SH-S3304 Stainless Steel Shelf1600-1-F20″ x 20″18.5″ x 19″$1700
A16-SH-S4304 Stainless Steel Shelf1600-1-H22″ x 22″20.5″ x 21″$1800
A16-SH-S3304 Stainless Steel Shelf1600-1-I20″ x 20″18.5″ x 19″$1700


A16-EP-CElectropolished exterior, Passivation Interior (Per Cabinet)*$3350
A16-EP-SUpgrade to Electropolished Shelf (per Shelf)$1000


Gas OptionsDescriptionPriceQty
A21-HM-HDSNitrogen-Purge Control Unit Type S Including Flowmeter & humidity sensor$1,5400
A21-HM-HDDNitrogen-Purge Control Unit Type D** Including Flowmeter & humidity sensor$1,5900
A16-GP-INVGas-in port and Pressure Relief Valve for Stainless Steel Desiccators$1850
A21-GP-FM20Flowmeter, Range 2-20 SCFH, With Valve External Mount$1300

** Type D Nitrogen purge control unit ideal for applications required continuous positive pressure inside to block contiminations. Scroll down for more information on Type S and Type D

Lock Opt.DescriptionPriceQty
A15-DL-C1Cam lock, Same key, installed for each door$700
A15-DL-C2Cam lock, Different key, installed for each door$700


Stand OptionDescriptionPriceQty
A16-ST-P12COne level, 12″ Height Stand with Caster- Powder Coated Steel$4400
A16-ST-P18COne Level, 18″ Height Stand with Caster- Powder Coated Steel$4400
A16-ST-P2LCTwo-level* Stand for holding two desiccators,  Powder Coated with Caster$7800
A16-ST-P3LCThree-level* Stand for holding three desiccators,  Powder Coated with Caster$9200
A16-ST-P4LCFour-level* Stand for holding Four desiccators,  Powder Coated with Caster$1,0200

Size and height may vary in Multi-level stands based on the cabinet model you choose

Desiccant Opt.DescriptionPriceQty
A16-DC-S1515Stainless Steel Desiccant Tray 15″x15″x 0.75″ with Perforated removable lid$3100
A14-DC-SB55 lb. can of bulk indicating silica gel 2-4mm bead diameter$700
A14-DC-S4Re-generable Silica gel cartridge Desiccant, Contain 45.5gms Of indicating Silica Gel, 2″x2’x1″ (pack of 4)$500
A14-DC-S24Re-generable Silica gel cartridge Desiccant, Contain 45.5gms Of indicating Silica Gel, 2″x2’x1″ (pack of 24)$1600

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Standard Options

  • Bench-Top, Single Chamber Desiccator Cabinet
  • 304 Stainless Steel 16 Gauge Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Stainless Steel Door Hinge for Maximum Door Support
  • Metal Lift-and-Turn Compression Latch for Perfect Door Seals
  • One-Piece Non-Adhesive Door Sealing
  • 304 Stainless Steel Door Frame
  • Clear Static-Dissipative PVC Front Window

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