Economic Polypropylene Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods

Cleatech’s Bench-top Vertical Laminar Flow Hoods meet ISO 5 (class 100) cleanliness requirements by removing particulate airborne contamination using the integrated fan/filter module. The hoods are constructed of chemical-resistant polypropylene and include removable Clear PVC windows and front tilt-up sash. The standard module features a HEPA filter that is 99.99% efficient at capturing 0.3-micron particles and can be upgraded to ULPA filter which is 99.999% at capturing 0.12-micron particles.

They are ideal for procedures that require a continuous flow of ultra-clean air, such as inspection, testing, and assembly.

Product Code Model Interior Dimensions
W” x D” x H”
Overall Dimensions
W” x D” x H”
Price Qty
1000-6-A 3 Feet 34 x 29.5 x 34 37.5 x 30 x 48 $3,440 0
1000-6-B 4 Feet 46 x 29.5 x 34 49.5 x 30 x 48 $3,620 0

Prices above include Fan / Filter Module (120V Fan / HEPA filter 99.99% @ 0.3µm), Polypropylene Worksurface, Clear PVC Side windows and Front Sash.
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Stand Options

Product Code Stand Choice Price Qty
A10-ST-P30E3 3 Feet Hood $760 0
A10-ST-P30E4 4 Feet Hood $790 0

Product Code Stand Choice Price Qty
A10-ST-P35E3 3 Feet Hood $810 0
A10-ST-P35E4 4 Feet Hood $840 0

Ultra-Violet, UV Light Options

Product Code Description Price Qty
A10-UV-30 UV-C Sanitation light, 30″ Lamp, for 3 feet Model w/ Manual Switch $470 0
A10-UV-42 UV-C Sanitation light, 42″ Lamp, for 4 feet Model w/ Manual Switch $600 0

UV Light Must be off while the system is operating. However Clear PVC Side windows and Front Sash shield operator against UV-C light.

Other Options

Product Code Description Price Qty
A10-FF-U Upgrade to ULPA Filter 99.999% efficient at 0.12µm particles RFQ 0
A10-SA-SD34 Upgrade to Static Dissipative PVC side windows and front Sash $350 0
A10-MT-AV Swing Vane Manometer- Air Velocity Meter $100 0
A10-PO-HS4 Hospital Grade Dual Power Strip- Four Power Outlets $190 0
A10-WS-SE3 Stainless Steel Work Surface 3 feet Model $380 0
A10-WS-SE4 Stainless Steel Work Surface 4 feet Model $400 0

Standard Features

  • Economic laminar flow hoods include a polypropylene worksurface and can be placed on nearly any bench surface.
  • Can be ordered with an optional epoxy powder coated steel stand
  • The integrated fan/filter module meets IEST recommended practices for low sound and low energy consumption.
  • At 90 FPM, 30” from the filter face, the sound level is measured at 50 dBA. At its highest speed, the module’s energy consumption is 340 watts.
  • Choice of HEPA or ULPA filter. HEPA filters are 99.99% efficient at capturing 0.3µm particles. ULPA filters are 99.99% efficient at capturing 0.12µm particles.
  • Minihelic Gauge (0 – 3” Water Column) monitors pressure differential. When it exceeds the limit, it indicates the need to replace the HEPA filter(s).
  • Each model includes a tilt-up sash that increases airspeed by restricting the air flow.
  • Including Built-in Fluorescent Light
  • Optional Hospital Grade Power Strip (4-Outlets)


  • General Construction: Polypropylene
  • Side Panels: Non-Dissipative or Static-Dissipative PVC Side Windows
  • Prefilters: Washable Polyurethane Foam
  • Final Filters: HEPA: 99.99% efficient at removing 0.3µm particles or ULPA: 99.999% efficient at removing 0.12µm particles
  • Fan Motor: Direct drive, forward curve, centrifugal-type with sealed bearings; rated for continuous duty; furnished with overload protection and a two-speed switch. Rated .25 HP @ low speed; .333 HP @ high speed (2′ x 4′ models)
  • Average Airflow Velocity: 90 feet/minutes (FPM)
  • Air Flow: 4-Feet Models: High Speed 580 CFM or 490 CFM @ 90 FPM;  3 Feet Models: High Speed 540 CFM or 440 CFM @ 90FPM;
  • Sound level: 50 dBA, measured no more than 30” from filter face at 90 FPM
  • Electrical: 110VAC, 50/60Hz (or 220VAC, 50 Hz). Meets the requirements of the National Electrical Code and applicable local codes. All components UL listed and CE marked
  • Performance: Particle count exceeds Class 100 requirements.

These vertical laminar flow Hoods are ideal for applications which are not hazardous to the operator but require a clean work area.

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