Stainless Steel Isolation Glove Box
Stainless Steel Isolation Glove Box

Stainless Steel Isolation Glove Box – 2800 Series

Cleatech’s 2800 Series Isolation Glove Box has been designed to remove oxygen and humidity providing a clean and controlled atmosphere environment. Constructed from 304-grade stainless steel continuous-steam welds. Stainless steel is able to resist a wide range of chemicals, moisture, and heat. Easy to decontaminate and clean. This box is ESD-safe, perfect for electrostatic-sensitive applications.

Ideal for semiconductor, pharmaceutical manufacturing, research, and testing applications.

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Product CodeDescriptionMaterialDimensionsPriceQty
2800-2-ATwo-Port Glove Box Medium304 S.S.27″ x 18″ x 18″$3,3500
2800-2-BTwo-Port Glove Box Large304 S.S.30″ x 24″ x 26″$4,5500
Airlock Type
Product CodeAirlock TypeDoor StyleOverall SizeDoor OpeningMaterialPriceQty
2850-2-OP1Transfer Chamber (Airlock)Swing Down11.5″ Wx 10.5″D x 10.5″H10″W x 9.5″HStainless Steel$1,5600



Product CodeDescriptionPriceQty
A21-GL-B1509Chemical Resistant Butadyl Gloves 15-mil thick, 32” length.
Standard 9 hand size
A21-GL-BA09Gloves with Accordion Sleeve 28″
Flexible Length 9″ hand size
A21-BE-P08IRIS Ports (Bare Hand Entry) without Cover $8800
A21-BE-C08IRIS Ports (Bare Hand Entry) with Cover $1,0450

Inert-gas Options/Atmosphere Monitors & Controllers

Product CodeDescriptionPriceQty
A21-GP-IN/BVGas-in Port and Adjustable Pressure
Relief Valve
A21-GP_FM20Flowmeter, range 2-20 SCFH air. with
Stainless Steel valve-External Mount
A21-HM-HSAutomatic Purge Control Unit with
Humidity Sensor & Flowmeter-Type S*
A21-HM-OAAutomatic Purge Control Unit with
Oxygen Sensor (O2 Analyzer)
A21-MT-OMOxygen monitor, Digital Display, 0-
100% Oxygen reading, W/ sensor

* Type S: A single purge unit that keeps the humidity of enclosure on the set point by purging Nitrogen when the moisture climbs above an adjustable set point. The Nitrogen flow is stopped by a solenoid valve when the humidity is lower than the setpoint.

Power Outlet

Product CodeDescriptionPriceQty
A10-PO-HS4Hospital Grade Power Strip Four Outlets, 110VAC/60Hz$1800
A21-CG-xxAir-Tight Cord Grips / Feed-troughs for single diameter cord$650
A21-CG-xxAir-Tight Cord Grips / Feed-troughs for multi-diameter cords$1650

Work Surface / Tray

Product CodeDescriptionPriceQty
A21-WS-ST32Spill Tray, Stainless Steel 32″x23″x3/4″ for Single Glovebox$4600
A21-WS-ST58Spill Tray Set of two, Stainless Steel 28.5″x23″x3/4″ for Twin Glovebox$7200
A21-WS-S35Stainless Steel Work Surface For Single Models (Main Chamber)$3200
A21-WS-S60Stainless Steel Work Surface For Twin Models (Main Chamber)$4200

Stand Options

Product CodeDescriptionPriceQty
A21-ST-P353030″ Height Stand, Powder Coated Steel for Single Model Glovebox$7600
A21-ST-P603030″ Height Stand, Powder Coated Steel for Twin Four-Port Glovebox$8800
A21-ST-P363030″ Height Stand, Powder Coated Steel for Back-to-Back Four-Port Glovebox$8800
A21-ST-P353535″ Height Stand, Powder Coated Steel for Single Model Glovebox$8300
A21-ST-P603535″ Height Stand, Powder Coated Steel for Twin Four-Port Glovebox$9400
A21-ST-P363535″ Height Stand, Powder Coated Steel for Back-to-Back Four-Port Glovebox$9300

Access Doors

Product CodeDescriptionPriceQty
A21-FD-xxFront tilt-up access door, 22″x11″ opening$300+0
A21-SD-xxUpgrade left side access door to maximum opening (open outwards)$350+0

Cleatech’s Stainless Steel Glovebox has been designed to provide a hermetically sealed environment, providing critical electrical components from being damaged. A continuous weld prevents humidity and oxygen from re-entering the chamber after backfilled with nitrogen or argon. Constructed from 304-grade stainless steel gives our glove box a strong and durable frame and its tilt-up front clear AR polycarbonate window allows large components to easily be placed inside the glovebox chamber.

Stainless Steel Material

Stainless steel was first produced in 1913, over 100 years ago and is one of the most common metal to be used in architecture, automotive, food, medical, and research and development industries. 304-grade stainless steel contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel providing high corrosion resistance and extremely durable.

Having no pores or cracks make it impossible to harbor bacteria, viruses or dirt; making stainless steel an ideal material for surgical, medical and laboratory environments.

And not to mention, it is also aesthetically pleasing.

Benefits of Stainless Steel

  • Easy to clean
  • Strong and durable
  • Hygienic properties
  • Chemical resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Seam Weld (Continuous Weld)

A seam weld is a continuous weld to join two surface areas. Unlike, a stitch weld there are no gaps between the weld producing a leak-tight seam and robust bond. This is critical in the construction of Cleatech’s Stainless Steel Glovebox.

Seam Weld vs Stitch Weld Diagram

Cleatech is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel glove box systems. Contact us today to request a free quote.

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