Laboratory Fume Hood

Laboratory Fume Hood | High Chemical Resistance

Cleatech® offers high chemical resistance laboratory fume hoods for every application and meet your budget. These lab fume hoods are manufactured with a double-wall made from durable steel and a chemical-resistant liner. Our fume hoods are available with an optional automatic sash that closes when the operator is not present. Available in three standard lengths of 24″, 60″ and 72″ and two standard internal depth of 24″ and 30″.

Cleatech® has been providing affordable personal protection ventilation systems for over 11 years for general chemistry and education applications involving fumes and vapors.

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Product CodeGlovebox TypeOverall Dimension W” xD”xH”Internal Dimension W” xD”xH”PriceCFM @ 18″ SashQty
1100-3-A48″ Fume Hood48″x34″x55″39″x24″x47″$8,490  4870
1100-3-B60″ Fume Hood60″ W x 24″D x 25″H51″x24″x47″$8,750  6370
1100-3-C72″ Fume Hood 35″ W x 36″D x 25″H 63″x24″x47″$9,900 7800

Laboratory Fume Hood Options


Product DescriptionPriceQty
Phenolic Resin – Black$850.000
Chemical Resistant Polypropylene –  White$8,4100

Base Cabinet

Product DescriptionDimensions
(D x W x H)
Steel Base Cabinet22″ x 48″ x 35″$650.000
Steel Base Cabinets for Flammable22″ x 48″ x 35″$1250.000
Steel Base Cabinets for Corrosive and Acid22″ x 48″ x 35″$1370.000
Open frame Powder-Coated Steel Stand 35″$680.000


Fume Hood ColorQty
Charlie Brown0
Designer Beige0
Light Gray Wrinkle
Teal Green
WSI Blue
Gunmetal Gray
Light Gray
Antique White
Glass White
Dark Blue

Power Outlet

Product DescriptionLocationPriceQty
Dual power outlet GFCIDefault on the Right$165.000
Dual power outlet GFCIEither side$330.000

Airflow Monitor

Product DescriptionPriceQty
Airflow Alarm (included)0
Airflow Monitor and Alarm – Digital$600.000

Sash Controler

Product DescriptionPriceQty
Manual Sash Up/DownIncluded0
Automatic Sash Controller$2850.000

Remote Fan

Product DescriptionVoltagePriceQty
Totally Enclosed Direct Drive, 1450 CFM115/230V$740.000
Totally Enclosed Belt Drive, 1200 CFM115/208-230V$1595.000

Service Fixture

Product DescriptionPriceQty
Cold Water Service Fixture – 45 deg Serrated Outlet$150.000
Air/Gas Service Fixture, 45 deg Serrated Outlet$150.000

Cleatech® Laboratory Fume Hood Feature

  • Slotted baffle system for proper airflow and constant face velocity
  • Aerodynamic airfoil hood provides an even airflow to prevent internal turbulence
  • Vertical sliding sash to provide a full-width working area
  • Dished work surface designed to safely contain spills
    – (Available in 304 stainless steel, polypropylene, and phenolic resin)
  • Removable access panel for easy access to the service lines and fittings
  • Airflow alarm to guarantee sufficient face air velocity to protect lab personnel from potential hazardous fume and substances
  • Heavy-duty external LED light for efficient illumination
  • Stainless steel 10″ duct collar(s)
  • Tested to comply with ASHRAE 110:1995 and EN14175-3 standards

Standard Accessories:

  • Base cabinet Standard for general-purpose storage needs
  • Acid and corrosive storage cabinet *
  • Flammable Steel base cabinets for Flammable environment *
  • Duplex power outlet GFCI
  • Pre-plumed Remote service fixture for water, air and gas
  • Open frame 35” High stand with leveling mount
  • Fan switch and remote exhaust blower
  • Automatic sash controller

* Corrosive and flammable cabinets feature sides and doors with 1.5in double wall, with Self-closing doors, 3-point locking handle, Flame Arrester Vents

Auto Sash Controller

Cleatech® laboratory fume hoods offer an innovative optional sash controller designed to automatically close when the operator is not present increasing operator safety and maximize energy consumption. The operator can manually open the sash using a keypad or optional foot-switch.

Laboratory Fume Hoods Vs. Basic Fume Hood

Here are the differences between Cleatech basic fume hoods and Laboratory Hoods. Click on the link below to compare the features and options in each product group. Why choose H.P. Fume hood (Link)

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