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Refrigerated Incubators

Maintain a Constant Temperature With a Refrigerated Incubator

Designed to maintain a constant temperature based on cooling requirements for research. Ideal for pharmaceutical laboratories for storage of drugs as well as other low and room temperature samples. Laboratory Supply Network offers refrigerated incubators in a variety of sizes to meet your laboratory needs.

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Product Code Type Inside Cu. Ft. Voltage Price Qty
SRI3 Standard 0c to +45c 2.4 115v $2,325 0
SRI3-2 Standard +15c to +45c 2.4 230v $2,556 0
SRI3P Standard +15c to + 40c 3 115v $2,758 0
SRI3P-2 Standard +15c to +40c 3 230v $3,035 0
SRI6P Standard +15c to +40c 6.5 115v $3,604 0
SRI6P-2 Standard +15c to +40c 6.5 230v $3,964 0
SRI20P Standard +15c to +40c 19.3 115v $4,957 0
SRI20P-2 Standard +15c to +40c 19.3 230v $5,453 0
SRI20PF Drosophila +15c to +40c 19.3 115v $6,880 0
SRI20PF-2 Drosophila +15c to +40c 19.3 230v $7,601 0
SRI21D Diurnal 0c to +45c 20.3 115v $6,440 0
SRI21D-2 Diurnal 0c to +45c 20.3 230v $7,096 0
SRI6PF Drosophila +15c to +40c 6.5 115v $4,252 0
SRI6PF-2 Drosophila +15c to +40c 6.5 230v $4,698 0


Product Code Description Price Qty
Caster $405 0
Sliding Shelf and Bracket Kit $214 0
Static Shelf and Bracket Kit $160 0

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