CO2 Incubators

Laboratory CO2 Incubator

CO2 Incubators

Maintain An Optimum Environment with a CO2 Incubator

CO2 Incubators are ideal for research facilities and laboratories for cell culture growth, providing an environment for storing and preserving animal tissue cell culture and gametes. Maintain an optimum environment by controlling the Co2 levels, humidity, and temperature. We offer a variety of incubators that provide a precise control environment for the culturing process.

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Product CodeTypeInside Cu. Ft.VoltagePriceQty
SCO2WWater Jacket1.8115v$4,1420
SCO2W-2Water Jacket1.8220v$4,5570
SCO6WEWater Jacket6115v$4,9990
SCO6WE-2Water Jacket6230v$5,4990
SCO5AAir Jacket5115v$5,1780
SCO5W-2Water Jacket5230v$6,6070
SCO5A-2Air Jacket5230v$5,6950
SCO5WAir Jacket5115v$6,0050
SCO6ADAir Jacket6115v$5,9320
SCO6AD-2Air Jacket6230v$6,5250
SCO10AAir Jacket10 (5 Cu. Ft. per chamber)115v$10,3560
SCO10A-2Air Jacket10 (5 Cu. Ft. per chamber)230v$10,5000
SCO31Air Jacket31115v$11,3200
SCO31-2Air Jacket31230v$12,4520
SCO40Air Jacket40115v$13,6110
SCO40-2Air Jacket40230v$14,9720
SCO58Air Jacket58115v$16,3410
SCO58-2Air Jacket58230v$17,9760


Product CodeDescriptionPriceQty
Stacking Stand$3210

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