Microbiological Incubators

Laboratory Microbiological Incubators

Microbiological Incubators

Maintain An Optimum Environment with a Microbiology Incubator

Laboratory Supply Network offers Microbiology Incubators in a variety of shape and sizes. Microbiology Laboratory Incubator maintains a constant temperature in a range from a few degrees above room temperature to as high as 200F, provides conditions for optimal growth of microbiology cultures.

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Product CodeTypeInside Cu. Ft.VoltagePriceQty
SMI2Benchtop Single2115v$1,8160
SMI2-2Benchtop Single2230v$1,9980
SMI6Benchtop Single6115v$2,5750
SMI6-2Benchtop Single6230v$2,8320
SMI7Benchtop Single7115v$2,9310
SMI7-2Benchtop Single7230v$3,2250
SMI12Dual-Stacked2 x 6115v$5,1340
SMI12-2Dual-Stacked2 x 6230v$5,7400
SMI31Large Capacity30.8115v$6,3050
SMI31-2Large Capacity30.8230v$6,9360
SMI39Large Capacity38.6115v$8,3500
SMI39-2Large Capacity38.6230v$8,8550

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