Membrane Nitrogen Generators

We offer Balston Membrane Nitrogen Generators which eliminate the inconvenience and the high costs of nitrogen cylinders and Dewars. Membrane Nitrogen Generators produce up to 99.5% pure commercially sterile nitrogen at dew points to -58°F (-50°C) from a compressed air supply.

They are ideal to work with Cleatech’s Nitrogen desiccator cabinets, N2 dry boxes, Nitrogen purge gloveboxes to decrease the related humidity and oxygen level in the chambers.

For pricing and specifications on our desiccators please select one of the following categories:

Product Code MPN Overall Dimension Price Qty
1700-1-A HFX-1 12.8” x 7.5” D x16.3”H $6,033 0
1700-1-B HFX-3 16” x 16” D x 50”H $10,058 0
1700-1-C HFX-5 16”x16” Dx50”H $14,856 0

Maintenance Kits

Product Code MPN Overall Dimension Price Qty
1750-1-OP1 MK75005 Filter Maintenance Kit for 1700-1-A $450 0
1750-2-OP1 MK7579C Filter Maintenance Kit for 1700-1-B & 1700-1-C $940 0

The Balston Nitrogen Generators are complete systems ready to operate. The generators are freestanding and housed in an attractive cabinet. No electrical power required, just need a compressed air line.

Flow Rates, Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Product Code Flow Rate (SCFH) @97% purity, 100 psig Flow Rate (SCFH) @98% purity, 100 psig Flow Rate (SCFH) @99% purity, 100 psig
1700-1-A 26 16 11
1700-1-B 95 70 42
1700-1-B 176 131 76

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