Anaerobic Processing Chambers

Anaerobic Processing Chamber

Anaerobic Processing Chambers

BACTRON anaerobic and environment chambers by ShelLab provide glove-free handling of samples with a consistent, oxygen-free, environment that promotes faster sample turnaround. Modular equipment within the chamber facilitates the completion of basic workflow procedures from unpacking of materials to inoculation, incubation, inspection, and recovery.

Features include Low Gas Supply Alarm, Integrated Vacuum Pump, Auto-Sleeve Cycle with an Integrated HEPA Filter, Integrated Internal/Regulators, Inner Door Lock, Auto-Commissioning Cycle, Comfortable, Sleeve Cuff Seals around operators’ arm, Arm Port Doors, User Adjustable Airlock Cycling, Sliding Shelves, Oxygen Catalyst, Humidity Controls, Pressure Controls, Revolving Shelves, and External Lights

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Product CodeIncubator CapacityMain Cu.FtIncub. Cu.FtAirlock Cu.FtVoltagePriceQty
BACTRONEZ300 Petri Plates12.51.40.74115v$10,9000
BACTRON300300 Petri Plates16.01.41.29115v$21,7350
BACTRON600600 Petri Plates16.04.61.29115v$25,1140
BACTRON900900 Petri Plates16.01.4/4.61.29115v$26,7850
BACTRONEZ-2300 Petri Plates12.51.40.74230v$12,1460
BACTRON300-2300 Petri Plates16.01.41.29230v$21,7350
BACTRON600-2600 Petri Plates16.04.61.29230v$25,1140
BACTRON900-2900 Petri Plates16.01.4/4.61.29230v$26,7850

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