Precision and Analytical Balances

Laboratory Precision and Analytical Balances

Precision and Analytical Balances

Shop Cleatech’s wide range of precision and analytical balances. Equip your lab with an OHAUS Analytical and Precision Balance. The next level of ingenuity expanding on its modern features & design to offer unmatched functionality in a line of high-performance balances.

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Product CodeInternal CalibrationMax. CapacityPriceQty
EX223Automatic220 g$2,1680
EX423Automatic420 g$2,5440
EX2202Automatic2,200 g$2,3560
EX4202Automatic4,200 g$2,6860
EX6201Automatic6,200 g$2,5440
EX6202Automatic6,200 g$3,0150
EX10201Automatic10,200 g$2,7330
EX10202Automatic10,200 g$3,5810
EX10201NAutomatic10,200 g$3,0150
EX10202NAutomatic10,200 g$3,8640
EX223/EN/A220 g$1,7900
EX423/EN/A420 g$2,2610
EX2202/EN/A2,200 g$1,9790
EX4202/EN/A4,200 g$2,3090
EX6201/EN/A6,200 g$2,1680
EX6202/EN/A6,200 g$2,6390


Product CodeInternal CalibrationMax. CapacityPriceQty
PA124N/A120 g$1,8020
PA163N/A160 g$8920
PA224N/A220 g$1,9970
PA323N/A320 g$1,0540
PA523N/A520 g$1,2750
PA1602N/A1,600 g$8290
PA2202N/A2,200 g$9520
PA3202N/A3,200 g$1,1560
PA4202N/A4,200 g$1,3050
PA124CSemi-Automatic120 g$2,0230
PA163CSemi-Automatic160 g$1,0960
PA224CSemi-Automatic220 g$2,2270
PA323CSemi-Automatic320 g$1,2490
PA523CSemi-Automatic520 g$1,4660
PA1602CSemi-Automatic1,600 g$1,0030
PA3202CSemi-Automatic3,200 g$1,3510
PA4202CSemi-Automatic4,200 g$1,5000


Product CodeInternal CalibrationMax. CapacityPriceQty
AX124Automatic120 g$2,7050
AX224Automatic220 g$2,9750
AX324Automatic320 g$3,3440
AX423Automatic420 g$1,8580
AX523Automatic520 g$2,1370
AX1502Automatic1,520 g$1,5800
AX2202Automatic2,200 g$1,7650
AX124/EN/A120 g$2,4140
AX224/EN/A220 g$2,6730
AX423/EN/A420 g$1,5990
AX523/EN/A520 g$1,8660
AX1502/EN/A1,520 g$1,3330
AX2202/EN/A2,200 g$1,5110


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