Gravity Convection Oven

Laboratory Gravity Convection Oven

Gravity Convection Oven

Deliver Precise Temperature Control with a Gravity Oven

Gravity Convection Ovens are used to sterilize, dry and heat treat by removing cold air from the bottom of the chamber as the air warms inside. An affordable option for applications that require less temperature uniformity.

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Product Code Type Inside Cu. Ft. Voltage Price Qty
SGO1 General Purpose 1.5 115v $2,187 0
SGO1-2 General Purpose 1.5 230v $2,406 0
SGO3 General Purpose 3.4 115v $2,106 0
SGO3-2 General Purpose 3.4 230v $2,316 0
SGO5 General Purpose 5.4 115v $2,593 0
SGO5-2 General Purpose 5.4 230v $2,853 0

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