Laboratory Vacuum Oven

Laboratory Vacuum Oven

Laboratory Vacuum Oven

Deliver Precise Temperature Control with a Vacuum Oven

Ideal for any heating or drying application of sensitive components and materials. The drying processes occur in an air-tight, low-pressure environment where oxidation is limited and the gassing process is sped up.

Available in analog and digital vacuum ovens with a range in capacity from 0.6 cubic feet to 7.5 cubic feet.

Equipped with silicone gaskets. These standard gaskets resist a wide variety of temperatures and pressures, but can breakdown in the presence of solvents and acids. We recommend using a Buna gasket for solvent applications and for acidic applications we recommend using a Fluorosilicone or Viton gasket.

Note: Vacuum oven does not include a pump or related accessories. Contact us for assistance with choosing the ideal pump and accessories for any application.

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Product Code Type Inside Cu. Ft. Voltage Price Qty
SVAC1E Economy 0.6 115v $1,766 0
SVAC1E-2 Economy 0.6 230v $1,943 0
SVAC2E Economy 1.7 115v $2,120 0
SVAC2E-2 Economy 1.7 230v $2,331 0
Product Code Type Inside Cu. Ft. Voltage Price Qty
SVAC1 Standard 0.6 115v $3,990 0
SVAC1-2 Standard 0.6 230v $4,395 0
SVAC2 Standard 1.67 115v $5,167 0
SVAC2-2 Standard 1.67 230v $5,638 0
SVAC4 Standard 4.5 115v $9,834 0
SVAC4-2 Standard 4.5 230v $10,817 0
SVAC9-2 Standard 9.3 230v $28,729 0

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