Class II, Type B2 Biosafety Cabinets

Laboratory Biosafety Cabinets

Class II, Type B2 Biosafety Cabinets

Protect your operator, samples, and environment with a Bio-Safety Cabinet

Lab Supply Network’s Class II, Type B2 Biological Safety Cabinet has a higher class of safety protection when compared to Type A2 cabinets. 0% air restriction, 100% air exhaust. Economical solution for storing garments and parts, ideal for stockroom, laboratory and cleanroom applications. Type B2 Cabinet can be used with volatile toxic, chemicals and radionuclides as required as adjuncts to microbiological studies.

  • Width Is Available in 3 ft., 4 ft., 5 ft. and 6 ft.
  • Airflow system offers 0% Air Recirculation
  • BSC Biotect Elite™ Offers Protections for Operator, Sample, and Environment
  • Polypropylene Construction for Strength and High Chemical Resistance
  • Epoxy Powder Coated Steel Mobile Stand
  • Full-Height Access Doors In a Choice of Acrylic, Static Dissipative PVC

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Product CodeSizeOverall DimensionsPriceQty
BSC-B2-363 Ft. Class II, Type B238”x 24”x26”$5,8000
BSC-B2-484 Ft. Class II, Type B246”x 24”x26”$6,3000
BSC-B2-605 Ft. Class II, Type B254”x 24”x26”$7,3000
BSC-B2-726 Ft. Class II, Type B266”x 24”x26”$8,0000

Accessories Included

  • Fluorescent lamp 1pc
  • UV lamp 2pcs
  • Base stand 1pc
  • SS water & gas tap 2pcs
  • Drain valve 1pc
  • Waterproof socket 2pcs
  • 30″ Fixed Height Base Stand
  • Stainless Steel Water & Gas Tap 2Pcs
  • Waterproof Socket 2pcs


Product CodeDescriptionPriceQty
Armrest 1pc0
Airflow tester 1pc0
Formalin fumigation sterilizer 1pc0
Infrared sterilizer 1pc0
Adjustable base stand 1pc0
Remote control 1pc0

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