Closed-Loop Glove Box
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These Closed Exhaust loop glove boxes filter inside atmosphere by Continuous Recirculation. The valve lets you set the percentage of fresh air entering the chamber.
Air recirculates through a 99.97% (@ 0.3Ám particles) HEPA filter (or ULPA
99.997% @.12M). The filter removes particulate and  other contaminants to provide a clean process environment.

It includes a 510-CFM adjustable speed impeller blower unit, mounted in a Polypropylene housing. Material available in Clear Acrylic, non-dissipative PVC and Static Dissipative PVC (ESD Safe)

Closed-Loop Filtration Glove Boxes 2400 Series

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Simple Closed-Loop Glovebox With Exhaust
Multi-Configure Glovebox

Overall Dimension with Airlock:
Two-port Glovebox: 47" W x 24"D x 37.5"H
Four-port Glovebox : 72" W x 24"D x 37.5"H
Wall thickness:  1/4"

Main Chamber overal Dimension:
Two-port Glovebox: 35" W x 24"D x 25"H
Four-port Glovebox : 60" W x 24"D x 25"H

Airlock Chamber:
Door Style: Swing Down
Overall Size: 11.5" W x 10.5"D x 10.5"H
Door Opening: 10"W x 9.5" H

Number of Side doors: Two
Back Panel: Removable, fully gasketed for
ideal large equipment

Glove port: 8" Diameter Including S.S Clamp

Recommended Options:

Glove Material: BUTADYL Anti-Static
15Mil 32" Length, Chemical Resistant

Gas Ports: Push-to-Connect fitting 1/4" OD
Tubing and Pressure relief /Bleeding valve.
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Prices Below include Blower Module & HEPA Filter
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Please note: Transfer chamber (airlock) to be ordered separately
Two-port glove box: One operator / Four-port Glove box: Two operators
**Acrylic gets damaged by Alcohol and Some Cleaning Agents

Available Accessories:

Clear Acrylic **
Non-Dissipative PVC
  White Polypropylene
W/ Tempered Glass
Two-Port Simple
Closed-Loop Glovebox



Four-Port Simple
Closed-Loop  Glovebox

Two-Port Multi-Config
Closed-Loop Glovebox
Four-Port Multi-Config
Closed-Loop Glovebox
Airlock Type
Clear Acrylic **
  Static-Dissipative PVC
Non-Dissipative PVC
  White Polypropylene
with Clear PVC door
Transfer Chamber



Inert-gas Options/ Atmosphere
Monitors & Controllers
Option Code
Gas-in Port w/ stopcock valve  and
Pressure relief / bleeding Valve
Flowmeter, range 2-20 SCFH air. with
Stainless Steel Valve-External Mount
Automatic Purge Control Unit with
Humidity Sensor & Flowmeter-TypeHS
Automatic Purge Control Unit w/
Humidity Sensor & Flowmeter-TypeHD*

Glovebox Standard Features

How to choose
Right material and Accessories?
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Gloveboxes available in four materials: 1/4" Acrylic, 1/4" Static-dissipative PVC, 1/4" Nondissipative PVC and 1/4" White polypropylene (great Chemical resistant).

Clear acrylic glove box is ideal for general purpose processing. (Acrylic is damaged by Alcohol and some cleaning agents.) Clear Non-dissipative PVC glove box is a good choice for operations with many corrosive chemicals and alcohol. Transparent Static-Dissipative PVC eliminates static charges keeping the dry box clean and it does not attract particles from the air. Polypropylene is the best chemical resistant.
Two side access doors open outwards in negative pressure configuration. (airlock side opens inwards if available). Side doors using stainless steel frames that increase the structural rigidity of the door. They feature one-piece non-adhesive gasket. 
Pass-through Transfer Chamber (ordered separately) minimize nitrogen loss and contamination inflow while parts are placed or removed.
Removable fully gasketed back wall for operations involving large equipment
HEPA Filter 99.97% efficient at trapping particles as small as 0.3 microns. Filter media is ultrafine glass fiber, Maximum temperature is 180░ with 5 7/8" thick meet UL Class 2 flame retardance requirements.
Blower Module, Backward curved impeller adjustable speed, 480-CFM, Permanently lubricated, Automatic reset thermal overload protection, 120VAC, 60Hz, UL Listed; CSA Certified in a Polypropylene Housing.

Standard Options for Containment Glove Boxes S-2400
"Humodule-H", Automatic Nitro Purge Control Unit Type S*:  It's a single purge unit with Alarm feature,  it keeps the humidity of enclosure on the set point by purging Nitrogen when the moisture climbs above an adjustable set point. The Nitrogen flow is stopped by a solenoid valve, when the humidity is lower than set point. The input pressure is controlled by the pressure regulator (0 - 15 psi), and the output flow rate by the Flowmeter (0 - 20 SCFH). Read more about Purge control units.
"Humodule-H", Automatic Nitro Purge Control Unit Type D: It is a dual purge unit Alarm feature. While inside related humidity level is below set point, the system provides low purge (2-20 Cubic feet per hour) inert gas maintaining positive pressure inside the enclosure in order to have free contaminants and moisture environment. When the moisture climbs above an adjustable set point the system automatically activates high-flow purge (0.5 - 15 PSI).
Gas-in port & Pressure relief valve are required if using Nitrogen or any inert gas to reduce humidity. Need to be ordered two sets if glove box has a Airlock (transfer chamber). Pressure relief Valve provides safe pressure relief and helps to purge the moisture out the chamber
Oxygen Monitor (oxygen analyzer) with a single range of 0-100% (-/+1%) . The unit is mounted on the foldable  bracket on the side wall of the glove box. Input power is 110-240 VAC. It features a  3-1/2 digit LCD. The oxygen sensor is an ambient temperature electrochemical designed with a threaded end is installed on the glovebox.
Hospital grade power strip with four outlets provides 110 VAC if a power outlet is needed inside the glove box.
Stainless Steel Work Surface or Spill tray preventing scratching, recommended for static Dissipative PVC gloveboxes to protect Anti-static coating .
Two types of gloves are available. Chemical Resistance Anti-static BUTADYL Gloves in white & Neoprene in black. Dry box gloves are in one-piece ore two-piece style. Two-Piece is a set of gloves and Accordion Sleeve 24"-28" Flexible Length, black rubber sleeve & white Butadyl glove. See more in Glove Box Gloves

Gloves are alternative to HYPALON, NEOPRENE or BUTYL in many application. it offers strong resistance to particularly harmful agents, such as: AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS, PETROLEUM SOLVENTS, and LIPIDS.
30" Height Stand, Cleanroom Compatible Epoxy Powder Coated Steel for Glovebox including caster (two locking). (also Available with leveling mount & custom height)
Front tilt-up door with stainless steel frame and two face-mount latches, door opening 22"Wx11"H for easier access, Window material varies based on the model.
Enlarged left side door with maximum door opening for the application requires more door clearance. Stainless steel door frames with four lift & turn compression latches.
Isolation Glove Box 2100 Series:
S-2100 glove boxes. It's a nitrogen purged plastic glove box Isolator  provides clean air low humidity  environments for laboratories and cleenrooms. This economy plastic glove box  is ideal for work required a sealed chamber or controlled atmosphere environment. Reed More
We also offer S-2300 Open Exhaust loop glove boxes draw the ambient room atmosphere through a 99.97% (@ 0.3Ám particles) HEPA filter and then into the chamber set up for negative pressure operations.
Second HEPA/ ULPA Filter removes contaminants from the exhaust gas and draws chemical powders or other exhaust particles through a filter to make it safe for indoor release.

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Open-Loop Glove Box 2300 Series:
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Isolation Chamber/ Acrylic Glove Box
Option  Code
Gloves,  Chemical Resistance 15-mil
thick Standard 9 hand size
Gloves with Accordion Sleeve 28"
Flexible Length 9" hand size
Bel-Art Bare Hand Entry (Iris port), one
pair, Installed
Bare Hand Entry (Iris port) Cover, one
Work Surface / Tray
Option  Code
Spill Tray, Stainless Steel 32"x23"x3/4"
for Single Glovebox
Spill Tray Set of two, Stainless Steel
28.5"x23"x3/4" for Twin Glovebox
Stainless Steel Work Surface For Single
Models (Main Chamber)
Stainless Steel Work Surface For Twin
Models (Main Chamber)
Power Outlet
Option  Code
Hospital Grade Power Strip Four
Outlets, 110VAC/60Hz
Air-tight Cord grips / Feedtroughs for 1,
3, 4, 7 or 10 multi-diamtere cord(s)
$65 to $195
Stand Options

30"Height Stand, Powder Coated Steel
for Single model Glovebox
30"Height Stand, Powder Coated Steel
for twin four-port Glovebox
Bare Hand Entry Port (iris port) & Cover For Glovebox
Bare Hand Entry Port (Iris port)
& Cover For Glovebox
Access Doors
Option  Code
Front tilt-up access door, 22"x11"
Upgrade left side access door to
maximum opening (open outwards)
Open/Closed Loop Four-port Glovebox with custom Airlock and side access door
Glove box with enlarged access door _maximum opening