Glove Box Gloves

Glovebox Gloves

Cleatech offers a large selection of glovebox and dry box gloves to meet your application needs. Select from Butadyl, chemical resistant, anti-static gloves and many more. After a selection has been made, submit your contact information and one of our team members will reply shortly.

Start Price: $250

One-Piece GLoves:

Butadyl, Chemical Resistant, Anti-Static dry box gloves, offers strong resistance to particularly harmful agents, such as AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS, PETROLEUM SOLVENTS, and LIPIDS., They are alternative to Nitrile, Neoprene or Butyl in many applications. (*Offering Special Prices)

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15-mil ThickLg.ColorHand SizeMaterialPriceQty
30-mil ThickLg.ColorHand SizeMaterialPriceQty

Neoprene Gloves are for applications that require more chemical resistance and durability than latex

15-mil ThickLg.ColorHand SizeMaterialPriceQty
30-mil ThickLg.ColorHand SizeMaterialPriceQty

Two-Piece GLoves:

Accordion sleeve & glove combo drybox gloves, chemical resistant, an anti-static glove with a black rubber sleeve , corrugated section keeps the sleeve off the operator’s arm for better air circulation and comfort especially while the glovebox is under positive pressure.

15-mil Gloves / Accordion SleeveLg.Color Sleeve / GloveHand SizeMaterialPriceQty
15-mil Gloves / Accordion
Sleeve Replacement
Lg.Color Sleeve / GloveHand SizeMaterialPriceQty

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