Humidity Control Glove Box

Humidity Control Glove Boxes are designed for applications where there is a need to control the humidity.

Cleatech’s Humidity Control Glove Boxes allow complete control of humidity 0-100% Rh (+/- 2%Rh) in a sealed atmosphere with access through glove ports. Automatic Nitrogen/ Argon Purge Control unit Accuracy monitors the humidity in glove boxes and control gas purge to maintain control humidity level. The rear back panel is removable for large equipment entry. Single and Twin models and different custom sized units available.

Manufacturer: Cleatech | MPN: 2100-2 | Ready to Ship within 25 days

Start Price: $1,405



Barrier Isolator Glove Box - Polypropylene



The Humidity Controller provides automatic monitoring and control of the relative humidity. It controls nitrogen or Argon flow when the moisture level deviates from the adjustable set point. Flow rates are set between 2 – 20 SCFH.

The glove box comes equipped with safety relief valves that provide pressure relief with the control system and also function as check valves.

The chemically welded construction of (1/4″) thick acrylic is absolutely gastight. Two side entries reinforced by stainless steel frames and removable back cover allow easy access to the chamber.

In addition to the Acrylic Controlled humidity Glove Box we carry Clear Static Dissipative PVC glove box for working on Electro Static sensitive devices, we also offer Containment glove box which protects the operator, in terms of hazardous or infectious agents using open exhaust loop system.

We offer our products with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Overall Dimension: 46.5″ W x 24″D x 25″H
  • Work Area Dimension”: 35″ W x 24″D x 25″H
  • Number of Glove Port: Two
  • Port Size: 8″ Diameter
  • 1/4″ wall thickness
  • Airlock chamber w/door opening 10″x10″ (add as option)
  • Automatic Inert Gas Purge Control System
  • Chemical Resistance Standard Gloves
  • 304 stainless steel door frame
  • Stainless Steel door hinge
  • Chrome Plated Latch
  • One-piece airtight Sealing Doors
  • Fully Removable gasketed back wall for operations involving large equipment
  • Feed Through Fittings for Nitrogen
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve
  • Hospital Grade Power Strip (Optional)
  • Feed Through Fittings (Gas-in) & Bleeding Valve (Gas-Out) is required if using inert gas to reduce RH% or Oxygen level
  • Flowmeter 2-20 SCFH To Control Gas flow Manually
  • Automatic Purge Control Unit with Humidity Sensor, Maintains the low humidity level 0-100% inside the glovebox based on the set point by controlling Nitrogen/ Argon Flow
  • Automatic Purge Control Unit with Oxygen Sensor (O2 Analyzer). It Maintains the low Oxygen level 0-100% inside the glovebox based on the set point by controlling Nitrogen/ Argon Flow
  • Oxygen Monitor (oxygen analyzer) with a single range of 0-100% (-/+1%)
  • Hospital Grade Power Strip with four outlets provides fused 120 VAC/ 16A required if power outlet is needed inside the glove box.
  • Stainless Steel Work surface or Spill tray is recommended for Static Dissipative PVC glove boxes in order to protect the Anti static coating from scratching. It’s also recommended for transparents glovebox if it’s ordered with stand
  • Epoxy Powder coated Steel Stand with Caster choice of 30″Height and 35″ Height. In transparent gloveboxes It’s recommended to be ordered with stainless steel worksurface or spill tray

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