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5 Interesting Objects Stored Inside Low Humidity Storage Cabinets

Low humidity storage cabinets are commonly found in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace and medical/health industry where critical specimens are stored. Aside from the scientific field, these cabinets can be used to store the most common and valuable items.

Here are 5 items stored in low humidity storage cabinets.

Cameras and Camera Gear

A great quality camera starts at $1400 and camera lenses range from $100-$2000. The price alone is enough to persuade any photographer to protect their equipment with their life. Anti-shock backpacks, carrying bags, heavy duty hard cases, and padded cases are the first line of defense in preventing damage to expensive equipment. But, one unseen element can destroy a camera without ever leaving your house. High humidity produces moisture causing mold and corrosion rendering your camera and lenses useless. States like Florida are known to have humid weather and without a dehumidifier may cause damage to electronics. A humidity dry box or dry cabinet will maintain a relative humidity (RH) level. A range of 35% to 45% is needed to provide the best moisture control.


A pair of vintage Air Jordan 12 OVO is estimated to cost $6,000. Sneakerheads or sneaker collectors will understand the importance of protecting their precious collection. These collectors have created a dedicated website with tips and guides on how to maintain a sneaker collection. Tips include keeping shoes out of direct light to prevent whites from turning yellow, cleaning the shoes after each wear and even reasons to either keep or toss the original box. Now, how does a sneakerhead prevent moisture from destroying their collection? It is recommended to place each sneaker in a large Ziploc bag with a silica gel packet to remove moisture. Simple solution, right? But a serious collector will go one step further and store their valuable shoes in a dehumidifier cabinet to maintain an RH level.

Musical Instruments

Believe it or not, musical instruments need to be stored in low humidity environments. Wooden instruments such as the guitar, cello, and violin can be damaged by high humidity levels. Keeping these types of instruments at around 40% RH prevents stress on the wood maintaining a perfect sound. Storing brass instruments in a low humidity cabinet will prevent corrosion and bacteria from forming. A professional saxophone can range in price from $4,000-$10,000. Having the correct storage cabinet can increase the lifespan of the instrument.

Leather Handbags

Ladies, did you know humidity can ruin your leather bag. Extremely dry air will cause genuine leather to dry and crack and high humidity levels can promote mold growth. The recommended relative humidity is between 50-70% at a temperature of 20° C. Whether you’re a handbag collector or trying to maintain a cherished handbag that was passed down, a low humidity cabinet and extend the life of your bag.

Vintage Collectibles

Comic, trading cards, stamps, toys, and money are a few items people love to collect. Many decide to take up the hobby of collecting items that remind them of their childhood, an incentive of making money from their collection or are just a fan of a specific character. Whatever the reason, the most important thing is to protect the valued collectible. Dry humidity environments will cause comic books, stamps, money, and trading cards to break down causing chemicals and acids within the paper to break down making the weak and brittle. High humidity can promote growth on coins and other metal objects.