Forced Air Laboratory Oven vs Gravity Convection Laboratory Oven

What is the difference between a forced air laboratory oven and gravity convection laboratory oven?

A forced air oven, also known as a mechanical convection oven works by forcing warm air around the oven chamber with the assistance of a blower fan. Similar to a furnace, hot air will travel through a duct system creating a uniform distribution of warm air within the chamber. A gravity convection oven does not rely on a blower fan to move air around, instead of hot air will naturally rise when it expands and becomes less dense than the air around it. As the hot air rises it will lose heat energy and begin to fall repeating the process.

Gravity Convection Laboratory Oven Diagram

Gravity Convection Laboratory Ovens

  • Low-cost alternative
  • Temperature uniformity is not important
  • Ideal for powder substance

forced convection laboratory oven diagram

Forced Convection Laboratory Ovens

  • A fan provides a uniform distribution of hot air
  • Provides a faster heat up and drying time