A desiccator is an air-tight enclosure that can be used in two methods. The first method is to remove moisture inside the desiccator to prevent moisture from damaging moisture sensitive samples such as electronics and chemical samples that may react to moisture. The second method is to preserve the moisture level inside the chamber and protecting a biological and carbon dating samples.

Here at Cleatech, we specialize in Dry Box Desiccators Manufacturing that meet the requirements for the semiconductor, biopharmaceutical, and medical device industry. Our desiccators are designed to lower the humidity level, down to 0% RH, inside a cabinet to prevent moisture from damaging the sample being stored.

Silica Gel Packet

We achieve 0% RH by introducing a desiccant, Nitrogen (N2), into the chamber. Nitrogen serves as an inert gas to replace air where oxidation is not needed. Since Nitrogen does not react with stored materials it can be isolated and purified relatively economically.

As an alternative desiccant that can be used inside a desiccator is silica gel cartridges. You may recall finding small packets filled with tiny beads inside a new pair of shoes. These are called silica gel package, a smaller version of a silica gel cartridge. These cartridges are best used when storing samples as they will pull moisture from the chamber.

Cleatech LLC is the leading manufacturer of Desiccator Cabinets for the semiconductor, biopharmaceutical, and medical device industry. We offer a full line of Acrylic, ESD Safe PVC Acrylic, Nitrogen Purge Cabinets in several sizes and configurations to meet your laboratory needs. All cabinets are manufactured in our facility located in Orange, California. Give us a call at (888) 216-8033 to request a quote.