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Chemical Transport Carts

Posted by Frank on  November 29, 2018
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Chemical Transport Carts Built to Put Safety First! Transporting acids and hazardous chemicals around the laboratory can pose a serious danger to lab workers and equipment. To safely transport dangerous chemicals, Cleatech has designed a lab cart to safely move chemicals around the workplace. Made in the USA With many companies outsourcing their products outside of the US, Cleatech is a proud manufacturer of laboratory and cleanroom equipment such as desiccator cabinets, glove boxes, vertical
Laboratory Safety Equipment

Laboratory Safety Equipment

Posted by Frank on  November 13, 2018
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Laboratory Safety Equipment Laboratories allow business, government, and schools to conduct testing and research. With fire hazards, dangerous chemicals, and high-risk procedures, a lab can become a dangerous workplace. But by following laboratory safety rules and having the correct safety equipment available will reduce serious injury when conducting your research. Here are the 10 important safety equipment required in every laboratory. Safety Goggles: Google will help protect the eyes from being exposed to a dangerous

Desiccant Cartridges

Posted by Frank on  October 1, 2018
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Desiccant Cartridges Cleatech Desiccator Cabinets could be used by any type of desiccant. Most ideal desiccants are listed below: DRI_BOX Desiccant Cartridges Ideal for Cleatech desiccator cabinets. Color turns to pink from blue when it can no longer absorb more moisture. It can be re-generated in either a conventional oven or a microwave oven. 2″x2″x1″ transparent polycarbonate container holds desiccant crystals. Each desiccant cartridge contains 45.5 gms of indicating Silica gel. It’s available in packs

Humidity Control Necessity

Posted by Frank on  October 1, 2018
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Humidity Control Necessity Typical applications required the prevention and protection against all types of oxidation, the prevention of the growth of fungus on optics, the dry preservation of lab materials and samples as well as the protection of MSDs (moisture sensitive devices) within the electronics industry. Cameras & Optic Lenses are very sensitive to humidity and mold. Once mold starts growing, it will erode down inside the lens, making it unusable. Cleatech Desiccator Cabinets are