Benefits of Onsite Nitrogen Gas Generation In a matter of days, many laboratories that depend on nitrogen gas for their research can go through a cylinder of nitrogen causing a project to be interrupted while switching out an empty cylinder. In some situations, research maybe paused waiting for a new batch of nitrogen gas cylinders to be delivered. Nitrogen gas cylinders can also provide an inconsistent purity once they reach the lower end of their
How to Clean a Glove Box
How to Cleaning an Isolation Glove Box Cleaning your isolator/glovebox periodically reduces the percent of cross-contamination after each use. In essence, an isolation glove box is a scaled-down version of a cleanroom; similar cleanroom cleaning procedures can be used. The cleaning steps below can be used across a variety of glove box system. But, the agents used to clean the enclosure will differ depending on the construction material used for your glove box. Before starting,
What is a Vacuum Glove Box?
What is a Vacuum Glove Box? A vacuum glove box combines the best of a vacuum chamber and a glove box. A water-tight enclosure with two glove ports allows for the manipulation of objects within the main chamber. With the help of a vacuum pump, gases are removed from the main chamber and replaced with nitrogen or argon gas creating an inert atmosphere. This unique piece of laboratory equipment allows researchers to perform experiments in
Acrylic vs Stainless Steel Glove Box
What is a glovebox? A glovebox is a sealed container designed with built-in gloves allowing users to perform tasks inside the chamber where a different atmosphere is required. These containers are typically constructed with clear plastic or stainless steel with a window for viewing to allow the user to see they are manipulating. There are two types of gloveboxes. The first is allows laboratory personnel to work with hazardous material and the second allows for
Forced Air Laboratory Oven vs Gravity Convection Laboratory Oven What is the difference between a forced air laboratory oven and gravity convection laboratory oven? A forced air oven, also known as a mechanical convection oven works by forcing warm air around the oven chamber with the assistance of a blower fan. Similar to a furnace, hot air will travel through a duct system creating a uniform distribution of warm air within the chamber. A gravity